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Saturday I relished in one of those fleeting euphoric mommy moments. It came after days of dealing with squabbling siblings and serving as master mediator, disciplinarian, taxi cab driver, chief chef, head maid….all while working & no hubby (still married, just crazy work schedule for him right now and I’m currently the wing man)!  And then, just like I felt I was reaching mommy crisis mode there it came….like out of the clouds with light shining an ahhhhhhh moment; the kids were magically getting along.  Why? They were excited to go visit their older brother, who is at college, for sibling weekend.  There wasn’t one argument to be had in the car.  It’s one of those moments of relief when you secretly think, ‘maybe in the midst of all of this chaos I’m doing something right…and maybe not, but I’m going to enjoy the peace and quiet anyway.’

I dropped my youngest first to have lunch with her older brother & go to the sibling fair where they had bouncy houses, face painting, crafts, etc.  The plan was I’d take my middle guy to lunch, do some shopping with him & then pick up my youngest and drop my middle guy so that my two boys could watch the college lacrosse game.  All was going along as planned…

When I arrived for the switch, my daughter came to the car, covered in cotton candy, grinning ear to ear and carrying her new goldfish, Mr. Wiggles.  My face sort of looked like one of Lucille Ball’s twisted comical versions of happiness quickly turning to eweeeee.  I know you are thinking that this shouldn’t be a big deal, but I’ve rode this roller coaster ride with my unemotional kids & now my emotional child is the proud winner of a gold fish….and inside I wasn’t  ready for a goldfish; sorry Mr. Wiggles.

(Look to the far right to catch a glimpse of Mr. Wiggles)

Our journey home was interrupted with a stop to the pet store for stones & food, which was followed with the story of how we became the owners of two fish tanks that sit covered with dust on a shelf in the basement.  Once upon a time, my parents bought my two older children fish tanks and gift certificates to buy fish; they were thrilled.  They each picked out a beta fish to bring home.  The next morning they were both belly up with ‘ick,’ which is actually  Ichthyophthirius multifiliis.    L-O-N-G story short, we went through at least three fish for each child, switched to water frogs and they all died of ick within a one week time frame (needless to say that pet store eventually closed).  The excitement was long gone, the tears in the early part of the week had been replaced by shear annoyance & the boys had lost interest…it had been an emotional roller coaster ride.  So, this is my memory as my giggly, happy little one was trying to enjoy her new fish…which is why the twisted Lucille Ball face (LOL).

Anyway…I did a prep speech and now Mr. Wiggles has lived on the counters for three days to date, has a new filter and a swimming home that has been added to his barren tank.  He appears to have become a family fixture and pet that is greeted daily by the entire family.  He even has a book that’s been written about him & our dog, Zoe by my youngest.  I just told my husband how it ends….”Zoe & Mr. Wiggles get a new friend;  a bunny!”  I asked my youngest if this was her way of hoping?  Her response, “Oh NO, I know it’s going to happen….”  Stay tuned (but don’t hold your breath, because it’s not currently part of the plan…then again, neither were most of my pregnancies, nor Mr. Wiggles….i-yi-yi).


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