Mini Candy Apple Bites

Mini Candy Apple Bites

Mini Candy Apple BitesI love looking at the beautifully decorated candy apples that make their debut this time of year?  We used to buy a candy apple once in a while.  Each child would pick out their own, one or two bites would be taken & out they would be thrown a day or two later because no one could finish them.  Later, we would try buying one and slice it to share, but the outer layer would always break away and we’d eat it in jumbled pieces.  So, I came up with a solution.  Instead, I make the kids mini candied apple bites that are great treats for home, when company is coming or for parties.  They are easy, one bite is all that is needed and there’s no waste!  Recently, JoAnne came to visit with me at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club to make these bites and share these delicious treats with you all!  You can catch Joann in full action in the video below:

Mini Candy Apple Bites
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  1. 1 Golden Delicious Apple (yields 12 bites)
  2. 1 cup Dark Chocolate Candy Melts
  3. ½ cup White Chocolate Candy Melts
  4. Caramel Apple Wrap
  5. 4” Candy sticks
  6. Waxed or Parchment Paper
  7. Toothpick
  1. Wash and dry the apple. Cut two sides from the apple and then cut those two halves into quarters. Remove the remaining sides from the and cut those in half so that you end up with 12 apple pieces.
  2. On a cutting board, cut a caramel wrap (or two) into thin slices by using a pizza cutter or clean kitchen scissors. Enough to make 12 strips that are approximately ¾ inch in width.
  3. Placing the skin of the apple on the surface, slide a candy stick into the center of each apple on the raw/cut side. Carefully wrap a piece of caramel candy apple wrap around each apple and connect the two ends together so that it doesn’t come off in the dipping process. The wrap will not cover the entire apple and that’s okay, only a taste of caramel is being added. Place the caramel wrapped apple pieces onto a flat surface that is covered with waxed (or parchment paper).
  4. Heat the dark chocolate wafers in a glass dish in the microwave on high for one minute. Stir the chocolate together until it is fully melted. I use a glass-measuring cup so that it is narrower and the chocolate is deeper vs. in a wide bowl. Dip each apple piece into the chocolate one at a time and let the excess chocolate drip off before returning it to the waxed paper surface. Let the chocolate set until it is hard.
  5. Melt the white chocolate in a separate glass dish in the microwave on high. Stir the chocolate together until it is fully melted. Dip the tip of a spoon into the melted chocolate and drizzle it back and forth and all over each one to make it look like spider webbing. Let the webbing set until it’s fully hardened.
  1. Optional: Create white chocolate spiders by dripping a circle of chocolate on to a piece of waxed paper. Spread out legs with a toothpick. Again, let them set until they have hardened. After they are set, attach one spider to each dipped apple by using melted chocolate as the glue.
Jodie Fitz
Dark & White Chocolate Candy Melts: There are many brands on the market. My favorite is Simply Melt Candy Wafers made by ChocoMaker that are found in Price Chopper Supermarkets in the produce area of the store.

Caramel Apple Wrap: These are made by Concord Foods, are typically located near the apples in the produce area in supermarkets. It is often a seasonal item in stores.
Candy Sticks: You can find packages of 50 for $1.99 at most crafting stores, but with a weekly coupon they can be purchased for less.


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    1. Thank you! We will miss this recipe – lol! We will look forward to sharing these next year too, they’ve been a HUGE hit!!!

  1. Every time I bought a whole candied apple it never got eaten either. This is a much better idea. great for halloween with the spider on too 🙂

    1. Thank you! We will miss this favorite October recipe, but will look forward to sharing again next year w friends & family… ~ Jodie

  2. I love the combination of flavors and the size of these sweet treats! Thanks for sharing this at the In and Out of the Kitchen Link party! I look forward to seeing what you bring next week.

    1. THANK you – just served a tray of 30 yesterday afternoon & now that recipe is a wrap for 2013 at our counters!

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