More Valentine’s Party Fun with Strawberries and Dip

Strawberry Garden

I love playing with my food and the holidays always provide the perfect opportunity for us to get in the kitchen, let our imaginations soar and experiment on many levels.  One of my favorite Valentine’s shares is our Strawberry Rose Garden.  It’s great for classroom Valentine’s parties or it’s fun on a smaller scale for an after school surprise.  When we share the strawberry garden at school we love to share it with a delicious dip; two of our favorites are listed below.  Also, when serving this treat at school, I often bring a garden of flowers with one stemmed stick for each child and then extra fruit on the side so that they can continue to skew more themselves.  I have also discovered that since it’s not uncommon for things to hit the floor, and there’s always a ‘NO five second rule’ at schools, that extra garden skewers on the side are not such a bad idea.  Whatever you do for Valentine’s Day, I’m wishing your little valentine’s a lot of fun and if you do build a fruit garden, it will be filled with love for their special day!

Strawberry Rose Buds by Jodie Fitz

Perfect Party or Classroom Treat Fun….

Fresh Strawberries

Cookie or Lollipop Sticks

Floral Tape

Green construction paper

Green Styrofoam Block


  1. Rinse the strawberries and slice off the greens so that you have a flat edge to the strawberry.  The strawberries will serve as our rose buds in the garden.
  2. Cut leaves with a stem out of the construction paper.  Note: I use the leaves for the kids to label their names if we are making them together.
  3. Wrap the stem with the floral tap and stop about ¾ of the way up the stem to insert the leaf and continue the wrapping leaving a portion of the stick exposed for the strawberry.
  4. Top the stick with the strawberry and place it into the foam base.
  5. It isn’t necessary but you can create grass from construction paper and add it to the Styrofoam block.

Cookie or Lollipop Sticks:  I typically purchase the 8, 6 and 4 inch sticks to create a staggered garden affect.

Lemony-licious Dip by Jodie Fitz

2 oz. Price Chopper light whipped topping

1/3 cup low fat Price Chopper vanilla yogurt

1 tablespoon Price Chopper lemonade concentrate, frozen

¼ teaspoon Price Chopper pure vanilla extract

Fold the whipped topping, vanilla yogurt, lemonade concentrate and vanilla together.  Serve chilled.

Whipped Topping Trade:  The whipped topping can be substituted with Cabot Greek Vanilla Yogurt.

Strawberry Garden


This one of my Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club Recipes – don’t forget to visit at



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    1. Thank you! A big hit at last year’s classroom party…considering it a share for this year as well :)…
      ~ Jodie

    1. THANK you! Great party fun – we used these for my daughter’s birthday as well…
      Thanks for stopping by!
      ~ Jodie

    1. Thank you! My dad will get a kick out of your comment 🙂 Now he’ll be leaving me comments on all of the posts – lol!
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  1. Hey Jodie,
    These came out really cute. What a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing at Wednesday’s Adorned From Above Blog Hop.
    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above
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    1. There’s always more than one way to eat a strawberry – lol!
      Have a GREAT evening & thanks for stopping by…
      ~ Jodie

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