Mouthwatering Colorful Corn & Bean Veggie Salad Combo

I have been starting to share some of my favorite salad combos at the site!  I always make one H-U-G-E bowl of salad once a week for us to eat off of.  We eat it as a side dish (sometimes a main dish) and we L-O-V-E leftovers for lunches.  It’s really all about what’s in the mix & the layers of flavors.  When I make this particular salad, I often make it in my beautiful deep, handled blue bowl that I get tons of compliments on.  It was an accidental clearance find at Home Goods.  I just LOVE when that happens.  Anyway, because I make it in a deep bowl I like to layer the veggies so that when you scoop deep you’re getting lots of layers of flavor all of the way through.  It’s a great salad for entertaining. 

Layer 1: Spring Salad Mix

Layer 2: Cucumbers (sliced & quartered = I like to serve my veggies bite size ready)

Layer 3: Fresh frozen corn (thawed)

Layer 4: Black beans (drained & rinsed)

Layer 5: Grape tomatoes (cut in half)

Layer 6: Red bell pepper (washed, seeded & diced)

Layer 7: Vermont Sharp Cheddar (finely diced)

Layer 8 (optional): Purple onion (if you add this item…go thin & light)

Repeat these layers three times in a deep, big bowl.

Serve with love & your favorite dressing…

P.S.  I just made this corn, bean combo for a group of friends & it was a definite crowd pleaser (they’re great taste testers for anything I want to share on the site with valuable feedback = love my friends).

Yummy, yummy, yummy! Looking for more salad combos?

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    1. Mmmm we make a salsa style similar too. In fact, it will be on this week’s salmon :)….

      Thanks for stopping by…always happy to see you! Have a GREAT weekend…xo

  1. I love the combination for your beautiful and delicious salad! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with us at Full Plate Thursday. Have a great week and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

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