My Cousin’s Wedding


Walk Down the Aisle

This weekend we traveled to Columbus, Ohio to celebrate my cousin Erin’s wedding.


Have I ever mentioned that my mom is one of seven sisters?  Here is a photo of her six sisters.  Unfortunately my mom couldn’t join us for this festivity, but here is the rest of the clan.

My Aunt

This is my Aunt Lori, the mother of the bride.  I happened to catch this snapshot and just love this photo of her and had to share!

me and my cousin

There are 10 cousins on this side of the family.  I happen to be the oldest of the 10, although I prefer to be referred to as the first-born :).  This is my cousin Lindsey who is the youngest of our clan.  She refused to try for the bouquet, but I’m still predicting she’s next in line to get married….(sorry Linds, I had to share my thoughts).  Linds was in my wedding & I have dibs on acting as her personal wedding planner- LOL!


Here is the portion of our family that did make it to the wedding.  However, we’re actually quite a large group.  If I’m doing the math correctly- including aunt’s, uncle’s, cousin’s, spouses and children – we have 47 people that could possibly show up at most gatherings.

the ceremony

Erin & Andrew’s ceremony was very beautiful.  As part of the ceremony they had a box, which had a bottle of wine accompanied with love letters that they wrote to each other.  Before exchanging rings/vows, they sealed the box with intention of opening it on a future anniversary and read the letters, re-visit the love they shared for each other on their wedding day and celebrate their accomplishments together.

white chocolate truffles

There wasn’t a large wedding cake, but there was a delicious dessert table filled with….


Butter Cream Cupcakes,

purple truffles

Beautiful Truffles,

mini cookies

and Mini Cookies.


The ceremony and reception were held at a very trendy, city chic setting and the centerpieces were a perfect reflection of the ambiance.  This picture really doesn’t do it justice, but the room was beautiful!  The place cards were also the favors, which were individual candles.  They were lit when you picked up your place card and then the tables were filled with additional romantic lighting; perfect for an evening wedding.


Here is our cousin pic!

the groom

We all welcomed Andrew to our crazy clan!  I wish I had a few more candid shots to share of my non-stop dancing family that filled the reception with chatter and laughter.  Should I mention that my Aunt’s high-jacked the DJ and made them play the Bee-Gee’s?  My cousin and I did nix the chicken dance before it was too late – LOL!

my honey

We wish Andrew and Erin a life filled with love and joy!!!  We’re so glad we could be a part of your special day ~ xoxo

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  1. What a beautiful family gathering! Love the idea of cake treats instead of the traditional cake! You look like you had a wonderful time!

  2. Hi there! Thank you – I’m so thankful we were able to travel out and share their special day with them….it was a ton of fun :). They’re off to their honeymoon & we’re all back to the daily grind…

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