Easy No-bake Cookie Pops for Easter Family Fun

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Grace hopped up to the counters this month & together we created easy, no-bake Cookie Pops for Easter & a whole lot of family fun that are a kid-friendly no-bake dessert to share with everyone. Once we demonstrated a very simple cookie pop base in our video below, Grace and I showed you how to turn them into cute Easter Bunnies.  However you can follow along with our easy introductory steps and then follow the rest of the recipes below to also make Easter Chick Cookie Pops and edible Flower Cookie Pops.

that you can watch by clicking here. And, when you are done watching our quick video, click over to the recipe here where you can also learn how to turn the cookie base into cute chicks & fun flowers so that you can create an entire Easter Cookie Bouquet.

No-bake Cookie Pops for Easter with Jodie Fitz

 Price Chopper vanilla sandwich cookies

Chocolate melts*

Price Chopper marshmallowseaster cookie pops

Price Chopper confectioner’s sugar


Gel frosting

Mini chocolate chips

White chocolate morsels

Candy/cookie pop sticks

 How to prep the cookie pop base for all three creations:

  1. Open the cookies. The center will stick to one side.
  2. Cut a large marshmallow in half and roll it flat in some confectioner’s sugar.
  3. Melt some of the white chocolate to serve as edible glue. Follow directions on the package for melting them in a glass dish in the microwave.
  4. Spread some of the white chocolate onto the side of the cookies that doesn’t have the center stuck to it and add one marshmallow to it.
  5. Spread some of the melted white chocolate on both the marshmallow & the center of the cookie, add the pop stick to the center, close the cookie and let it set until the chocolate has fully set.
  6. Continue until you have prepped as many cookie pops that you would like to make.

 How Create a Flower Cookie Pop

 Cut large marshmallows in half diagonally. Dip the cut edge of the marshmallow into colored sprinkles to match the color flower you hope to create. You will need 3 marshmallows to create 6 pedals per flower.

 Melt the desired chocolate melt for your flower & coat the pre-prepped cookie pop base. While the chocolate is still wet, add the flower pedals to the cookie with the sparkles facing forward.

 Optional: Add gel frosting swirls and additional sprinkles.

 How to Create a Chick Cookie Pop

 Cut one yellow chocolate wafer in half to serve as two wings per chick cookie.

 Melt yellow chocolate wafers and using a spoon, coat the pre-prepped cookie pop base. While the chocolate is still wet, add a wing to each side, add two mini chocolate chips as eyes & add two orange flower sprinkles as feet (found in the baking aisle at Price Chopper Supermarkets).

Once the chocolate has fully set, add an orange beak with gel frosting.

 How to Create a Bunny Cookie Pop

 Cut a marshmallow in half diagonally and dip the cut half into pink sprinkles to create ears for the bunny.

 Melt white chocolate melts and coat a pre-prepped cookie pop base. While the chocolate is still wet, add the ears into place and insert a white morsel chocolate to serve as the nose so that the flat end is exposed. Also add two mini morsels for eyes.

 Once the chocolate has set, use black gel frosting to add whiskers & pink gel to add a nose and mouth.

 *You can find the Simply Melt chocolate wafers in the produce aisles of Price Chopper Supermarkets. We used white, pink and

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