One more Sno-Cone Trading Swap of the Summer…

Join Amelia and I in the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club Kitchen as we share one more Sno-Cone Trading Swap recipe for before summer ends…

Cantaloupe Freeze 

This recipe makes for a great Sno-cone trade!

1 cup Price Chopper lemonade concentrate

1 cantaloupe (NuVal 93)

1 tablespoon Price Chopper honey

1 teaspoon Price Chopper vanilla extract

  1. Make the lemonade as directed on the container before measuring the 1 cup needed for the recipe.
  2. Cut the cantaloupe in half and remove the seeds with a spoon.  Slice the cantaloupe, remove the rinds and dice the melon into small chunks.
  3. Place the cantaloupe, lemonade, honey and vanilla extract into a blender and blend the ingredients together well.
  4. Pour the blended ingredients into an 8 x 8 glass dish and place it in a freezer.

Cantaloupe freeze is a version of a granita.  You can let it begin to freeze and set the time to scrape the sides every 30 minutes to create the shaved ice effect. Or you can cheat like I frequently do, let it freeze solid, approximately 1 ½ – 2 hours, and then begin the scraping process with a fork to create the shaved ice like a sno-cone.

NOTE: Cantaloupe is such a soft fruit that little hands can assist by cutting it into chunks by using a plastic knife and still be a BIG part of the process.



2 Comments on “One more Sno-Cone Trading Swap of the Summer…”

  1. What a wonderful idea! This is definitely something I’d like to try. We’ve been over 105 degrees and after 19 days, we have finally hit the mid 90’s! Thanks for sharing this recipe. I’d also like to take advantage of the opportunity to thank you for joining in on the Totally Tuesday Blog Hop at Frugal Living and More last week. Your site has been chosen as the Featured Blog for this week’s Blog Hop! Have a great week!

    1. Hi there! So sorry I didn’t respond earlier & a belated THANK YOU for featuring my blog. I just found this comment in spam…I have to clean this area out more often! Have a GREAT week!

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