Healthy Schools: Pashley Elementary Issues a Challenge

pashley smoothies

Healthy Schools: Pashley Elementary issues a monthly challenge to first & second graders all year long!

I was recently a guest at Pashley Elementary where I was invited to make Rainbow Smoothies with students and I had the opportunity to speak with the person who organized my visit, Kim Ferrie who is one of the PE teachers and is also known as the ‘PE Fairy’ at her school and at her blog.  She does many things throughout the year to help encourage a healthier school environment and one of those activities is to issue a monthly challenge to her first & second graders throughout the entire year.  She actually sends the challenge home in writing & students need to complete the task and return a signed sheet and then they receive a small prize for their participation.

pashley smoothies

When Did You Start Challenging Your Students?

I actually got this idea from a PE conference a few years ago and loved the idea and wanted to start it right away at Pashley.  This was a great way to commuincate with our Pashley parents of what was being covered in PE.

What Kind of Challenges do you Issue?

The physical “challenges” ask the students to demonstrate and practice specific skills at home.  It is my intent to have the entire family get involved in these fun activities.  I also added a nutrition part to encourage healthy eating habits or to incorporate other healthy habits.

More than anything, it is great for dinner conversation about exercise and
food!  We love the support we get from our Pashley parents.  We have a lot of
participation and sheets get returned each month.  (Both the student and
parent have to sign the completed challenge sheet.) We consider ourselves to be on the same winning team with health and fitness.  We all have to take part to make sure our children are making
good choices when they eat and of course…. exercise, exercise,

What is the goal of each challenge?
Each month is different.  Sometimes it is to encourage trying a new food or doing a family exercise.
Can you share some of the challenges for the year with themes, etc.?
Here are the topics for the past few months…
* Trying whole grain snacks
* Limiting sugary drinks and replacing them with water and milk
* Eat dark green vegetables (March)
* No “junk” food brought into school for snack time
* Bring a homemade packed lunch
* Eat red fruit or vegetables (February)* Getting outside every day for exercise
* Practice push ups and curl ups
* Exercise during TV commericials
* Stretching every day
* Walk with your family
* No or limited TV screen time
* Washing hands!!


Disclosure: I am pleased to be working with Pupil Benefits who has sponsored the post and encourages the development and growth of Healthy Schools.  


20 Comments on “Healthy Schools: Pashley Elementary Issues a Challenge”

    1. I love all of the great ideas schools have to offer & I’m hoping to keep sharing ideas and spread the word and ideas…
      ~ Jodie

    1. I LOVE that she attends a health & wellness academy – I actually visited a school in NH this year that has eliminated all sugary treats & families have to get creative with their food sharing as well, but I think it’s such a fantastic thing!

      Have a GREAT spring & hope you visit back soon :)! ~ Jodie

    1. :)! If only remember to do that in all areas of life – lol…but, you are 100% right!
      ~ Jodie

  1. It’s so important to really establish healthy eating habits when you’re young. They definitely stick with you.

    As an example: I do really well with eating lean proteins and veggies, we ate them all the time at home. I always liked them. I really struggle with drinking water. Drinks need to have a TASTE to me. That’s definitely something I learned as a kid that I’m struggling to correct now.

    1. I know a teacher that has that same struggle and she adds all kinds of fresh fruits to hers. She just pops them in for various flavors. I’ve also frozen fruit as the ice for special occasions in drinks and as they thaw the release the natural sweetness. Maybe those will help? We all have something we are adjusting :)!!

      ~ Jodie

    1. 🙂 Hope you are well…Thanks for connecting & for hosting…
      I love learning what all of the various schools are doing!
      ~ Jodie

  2. Hail our excellent teachers who go a mile beyond what they are paid for and who operate both from their hearts and their expanded knowledge base. I love this article. Inspirational. . Thank you for linking it up with us. A new party opens again later today. I hope to see you there again. Stay in touch! ~ Rose

    1. YES!! AGREED…I was just singing praises of a few teachers this week. They play a very important role in our society & we are lucky for the excellent ones :)!!!
      ~ Jodie

  3. Terrific interview and post – marvelous to have teachers to take this on with their students – they’ll have a lifetime of benefits! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

    1. AGREED! It’s always amazing to learn what some of them are doing & I’m so fortunate to be able to meet them and share their ideas :)…
      ~ Have a GREAT week!

    1. I know so many have made great changes here too & then there are so many that are still so far behind! But, changes are being made in so many places and awareness is key! Have a GREAT week ~ Jodie

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