Pesto Quesadilla Recipe Holiday Kid Fun

Spinach Wrap Quesadilla wedges that look like a Christmas Tree with a pretzel stick at the bottom and strips of red peppers to serve as garland and diced yellow peppers as ornaments

This pesto quesadilla recipe makes perfect holiday fun for the kids.  It’s full of flavor and with a few fresh veggies and some pretzel sticks you can turn it into a Christmas Tree.  This recipe is perfect for holiday lunch, snack or easy dinnertime fun.

Spinach Wrap Quesadilla wedges that look like a Christmas Tree with a pretzel stick at the bottom and strips of red peppers to serve as garland and diced yellow peppers as ornaments

Pesto Quesadilla Recipe Holiday Kid Fun

Got kids?  Do they like quesadillas? If the answer is yes, check out this recipe.  It’s made with spinach wraps, mozzarella cheese and pesto; so easy.  It’s actually super yummy just with these three ingredients in the mix.   However, if you wash, slice and dice a few peppers, you can turn this simple combination into a whole lot of kid fun by creating a Christmas Tree.  It’s like a food craft activity!

It’s a great way for the kids to play with their food while incorporating and eating fresh veggies.  Instead of a side, the veggies are a topper.

Who says you shouldn’t play with your food? Not me!

Here is the recipe to layer, flip and decorate for a little holiday fun.

Pesto Quesadilla Recipe

Spinach Wrap Quesadilla wedges that look like a Christmas Tree with a pretzel stick at the bottom and strips of red peppers to serve as garland and diced yellow peppers as ornaments


  • 2 spinach wraps
  • 2 tablespoons pesto, pre-made
  • 1 – 1 ½ cups mozzarella cheese, shredded
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 2 yellow bell peppers
  • 6 - 8 mini pretzel dippers 
  • 1 teaspoon butter


Wash the peppers remove the ends and the seeds.

Slice the red bell peppers into thin strips.

Dice some of the yellow bell pepper into small pieces. Save a few strips to cut yellow pepper stars if desired; you can use a mini fondant cutter or cut them with clean kitchen shears.

Place one spinach wrap on to a clean surface. Spread a layer of pesto. Evenly distribute the shredded mozzarella cheese. Place the other spinach wrap on top. Spread a very light layer of butter onto the top of the prepared quesadilla and begin to cook it in a pre-heated skillet. Butter the other side while one side is toasting as if you are cooking a grilled cheese sandwich. Flip once one side is lightly toasted & continue to cook until the other side is lightly toasted & the cheese is fully melted. You can even sprinkle a light layer of added cheese if you want onto the top to use as edible ‘food glue’ for the final decorating stage because it will begin to melt as the other side cooks.

Once it is cooked, cut the quesadilla on a flat surface with a pizza cutter to create 6 – 8 triangular slices. Place a mini pretzel dipper in the end for the tree trunk. Decorate the top of each tree with red strips to serve as the garland, the diced yellow will serve as ornaments & top it off with a yellow bell start for a festive warm lunch or very quick & easy dinner on the run.


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More on making these fun quesadillas:

Where’s the Wrap!  You will typically find spinach, and other flavored wraps, near the deli area at your Price Chopper and Market 32 Supermarkets.

Save time!  Buy pre-shredded cheese; sometimes it’s worth it.

Pre-made Pesto:  Many pre-made pestos need a little diluting.  If the pesto is to thick, simply try mixing 2 tablespoons of pesto with 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Kids in the Kitchen:  Every recipe has fantastic opportunities for kids to learn.  Here are few life skills to focus on when making these pesto quesadillas;

  • slicing and dicing
  • knife safety
  • shredding cheese
  • grater safety
  • stovetop safety
  • flipping 
  • following directions

Side Dish Yum! Look for more kid food fun?  How about a fruit kabob Christmas treed for the side?   The kids can make their own…grab some fruit, some skewers and make some delicious dip for another healthy holiday option.

Three white bowls of fruit that includes honey dew melon cut into round circles, kiwi circles, pineapple pizzas cut into stars with a fruit kabob on a skewer with alternating green fruit and a pineapple star on top

Easy Holiday Fruit Kabobs and Dip Recipe Link

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  7. This is a great way to put together a fun, festive AND healthy holiday treat! This season is often associated with candy, chocolate and other treats that (while you can enjoy them in moderation) aren’t exactly the healthiest choices. We need to find a way to work in something else from time to time… Right?

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