Pizza Garden Planting Activity for Kids

Children scooping dirt from a green bucket to fill up empty egg cartons

This pizza garden planting activity is a great way to teach children about farm to table concepts.  It’s an opportunity to spend time together.  And, it’s a fun way to introduce gardening to children.

Pizza Garden Activity #pizza #garden #kidactivities #kidfriendly #farmtotablePizza Garden Planting Activity for Kids

This Pizza Garden Planting Activity is great for the kids.  It promotes:

  • Family Time
  • Gardening 
  • Activity
  • Farm to Table Concepts
  • Education on the growth of plants
  • and more…

This Pizza Garden Planting Activity coordinates with my book, Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden.  I highly recommend you listen to the story before you begin your garden planting project.  I have included the link below.  Story time, along with other pizza garden activities are free at my site via the link.  Fidget’s pizza growing adventures will inspire your children with their own pizza growing activities.

What supplies do you need to for this Pizza Garden Planting activity?

  • Soil
  • Seeds (tomato, bell peppers, oregano, basil and parsley)
  • plastic spoon
  • egg carton (preferably the cardboard kind, it’s biodegradable.  However, you can purchase seed starting biodegradable planters at your local Price Chopper or Market 32 Supermarkets.  They are typically located near the florist.)
  • Mini craft sticks 
  • Markers

Note:  We are planting the seeds that coordinates with the book Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden.  You can add other varieties if you choose.  

STEP 1:  Label your craft sticks so that after the seeds have been planted you know what’s growing!  Make sure you have enough depending on how many seeds and how big of a garden you are planning.  

Pizza Garden activity labeling garden tags

STEP 2:  Fill each cup in the egg carton 3/4 full of soil.  

Pizza Garden Planting Activity adding dirt

STEP 3:  Add a few seeds to each cup.  At the same time add your labeled stick so that you remember which seeds you have added.  

pizza garden planting activity adding seeds

STEP 4:  Cover the seeds with a little more dirt.

Pizza garden planting activity cover seeds


STEP 5:  Print your Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden coordinated watering chart.

STEP 6:  Water your plants lightly, but enough that the soil is damp.  Keep track of your watering daily by using the watering chart.  The chart encourages children to take responsibility for their garden.  You can print as many as you need.

Added thoughts on your Pizza Garden Growing Activity:

  • Keep your plants in a sunny spot.  It may have to be a window sill depending on the weather and overnight temperatures.  You can move them outside for nice days and then bring them back in.  Your seedlings are not ready for rainy days yet!  They have to grow first.
  • If you are keeping it in a window sill, put something under your planter so that the water doesn’t seep through and leave a wet spot.
  • Once your seeds begin to sprout, you will have to transfer your plants to larger planters and eventually into your garden.  Or, maybe you will decide to create a planter garden on your patio like Fidget?

We’d love to see your pizza garden.  Send up pics to – we will add them to our photo gallery!

Listen to the story of Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden (click here)

Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden

Don’t forget to check out all of the other activities we have at the site with Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden.  We have more releases coming soon. 

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Gardening can have many positive impacts on your child.  Learn more about the benefits of gardening with your children via PBS for

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