Re-posting from last summer – Mango Cutting 101

I decided to re-post Mango Cutting 101 & Mango Cutting Made Easy from last summer’s blog in prep for tomorrow’s mango recipe tomorrow.  I realized in doing this that it really wasn’t that long ago that I switched blog formats & now, about a year later, I have a new site under construction & I can’t wait to share it soon.  In the meantime, mango cutting is a lot of fun and a great lesson for kids to learn!


As part of my time with the kids (and families), I have been teaching children how to cut mango’s.  In fact, there are a lot of adults who haven’t cut them either.  Here is how I have been cutting mango’s with the kids throughout the summer.

STEP #1 – rinse & dry the mango.

Step #2 – I always explain to the kids that they should not plan to go into the kitchen for any experimenting or cooking without a grown-ups permission.  And, that in my house, I do the first step in slicing the mango.

Step #3 – Using a clean/sharp knife, slice down the fruit separating the halves from the pit.

Step #4 – The kids can now take over.  When the mango is ripe, they can use a butter knife or plastic knife to cut the mango.  We start by cutting long lines in the mango (be certain to push down to the skin of the fruit).  Then, just like making a tic-tac-toe board with a crayon, we turn the mango & cut slices in the opposite direction.

Step #5 – Scoop & eat.  Again, when the mango is ripe, you can even use a plastic spoon.

When I’m at events I get the kids chanting…’Line, line, cross, cross, scoop, scoop in!’ to make our smoothies & they will never forget how to cut a mango!  Well, at least that’s the plan:)


Mango Cutting Made Easy

You know how I love my kitchen gadgets and I’m always putting something new to the test.  This month I purchased a mango slicer.

If your mango’s are ripe….

…it works fantastic!  There are several different varieties on the market & available either online or in kitchen stores.  I happened to purchase this specific cutter through a friend who was having a Pampered Chef party.  The feature that I like on this slicer is that it has 4 separators in the slicing process; thus, giving you the most fruit for your mango.  Mango slicers typically cost between $14 and $17 depending on the brand.

Did it pass my test?  Yes, it’s staying in the drawer – except when I use it of course 🙂



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