Healthy Schools: Saddlewood Elementary presents NO TV WEEK!

Healthy Schools: Saddlewood Elementary presents NO TV WEEK!

I was recently part of the Saddlewood Elementary No TV Week activities and stopped by to make a dessert alternative with families.  While I was there I had an opportunity to chat with the event organizer and she shared more about this event, why they plan it and I LOVED the concept of the school promoting the limit of screen time while encouraging not just family time, but active families.
After I left, I contacted Elizabeth Bomba, a volunteer organizer for the program, again to ask her more specific questions to share and here is what she had to share about the event:
When did your school create No TV week/how long have you been organizing the event?
No TV week has been going on at Saddlewood for many years.  I (Elizabeth Bomba) have been organizing the event for about seven years.

Can you explain the goal of the event as a whole?
The goal of the week is to challenge families to become “Screen Free” for a week.  There is a National No TV week which recently became Screen Free Week due to all of the other electronics that are now used by families including game systems, PC’s, tablets, ipods, and cell phones.  The National event is in the Spring.  We found that February is a good month for us to run the program as we have less going on in the community than in the springtime.  During the week, we invite families into the school in the evenings for fun activities while they are completing their challenge. Our feedback has been very positive from the families involved.  Many thought the week would be much harder than it was.  Some even continued to limit “screen” and others simply found that the kids spent less time around electronic after the week.  Everyone enjoys seeing their friends and classmates at the events at school, too.
Who organizes the event for your school?  
The PTA has a No TV week committee that organizes the week’s programs.
How many students do you have enrolled at Saddlewood Elementary?
There are approximately 400 student enrolled in the school.
How many people attend your events over the course of the week?
We usually have between 80 and 200 people at each of the events.  We moved the event from October to February a few years ago because October was already full of PTA events and February had none.  However, the winter weather now plays into the events and the attendance.  For instance, this year we had to reschedule the Cabin Fever Beach Party because of the last snow storm.  The Beach Party is our ending program for the week and is held on a Friday night so it usually gets a large crowd.
How many events do you organize for No TV week – can you provide a brief title/description of each evening activity for the 2013 celebration?
This year there was a full week of events.  
Monday:  BINGO night    We play BINGO and have a table of small prizes that the winners choose something from.  Previos year, we have had our Book Fair preview at the same time.
TuesdayPrice Chopper Kids Cooking Club with Jodie Fitz
Wednesday: Minute to Win It & More:  We offered families several challenges based on the TV show “Minute to Win It”.  We also had a healthy eating table where families could see the sugar content in food, make their own trail mix and taste test food.  In the gym there were 9 holes of indoor golf, too. 
Thursday: Stories in the Library:  Teachers volunteer to read stories in the library.  Kids can come in their PJ’s with a blanket or pillow.
Friday:  Celebration:  This year we have a Cabin Fever Beach Party theme.  We hire a DJ, have crafts and games to offer the fmailies as well as refreshments.
If a school wanted to plan a No TV week and/or wanted more information who should they and how should they contact someone at Saddlewood Elementary?
If a school would like information they can contact the school at  Please put Beth Bomba /NO TV week in the subject box.


Disclosure: I am pleased to be working with Pupil Benefits who has sponsored the post and encourages the development and growth of Healthy Schools.  



16 Comments on “Healthy Schools: Saddlewood Elementary presents NO TV WEEK!”

  1. What a fantastic idea! My son watched limited amounts of tv now, I would love to try no tv, but fear I may never get dinner made!
    Thanks for linking up at Pinterest Tuesday!


    1. Depending on this age, maybe he can help you cook dinner??? I love now that I can call home to may older two and have them start it for me on occasion :)…
      Have a GREAT day,
      ~ Jodie

  2. This is a great idea! Very interesting that the school proactively did this. I Chair our school PTA and am often disappointed with the support we get from parents – however, this idea is really inspiring. Thanks, J9 x

    1. AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to pop over & take a peek….and will add you to the Wednesday parties :)…
      THANK YOU…
      ~ Jodie

  3. Hi Jodie,
    I think it’s a good thing that the schools are going healthy. Seems like the kids don’t get out and play and exercise nearly as much as when we were young. Too many electronics, I’m afraid. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. So many schools are making many strides & it’s exciting to watch, learn & see – however, there are still schools that haven’t even begun & w new educational mandates, it’s taking a back seat in some districts, but not all, once again!
    ~ Jodie

  5. This is a GREAT post. I think we often give control of our children’s minds over to TV to be molded and shaped by someone else. It is true that if you aren’t going to watch TV you have to have a plan. I would like to use some of your game suggestions to help replace some of our TV time. I tried it about a year ago, and I know we could use it again. Thank you so much!! We are starting a link up party on Thursdays (today:), and we would love for you to join us with this post and/or any others you would like to include. We are at Hope to see you there!!

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