Seriously Simple and Yummy Kid Friendly ‘make your own’ Food Bites

flatout bred pizza bar


flatout pizza bar

It doesn’t have to be complicated for it to be delicious, fun & memorable.  Here are a couple of last minute, kid friendly, make your own food bites to pull out for New Years, a play date, parties or ANYTIME.  After all, who needs a special occasion to play with their food?

We’re starting the Make Your Own stations with mini pizzas that require VERY LITTLE time to put together.  We used the FlatOut Foldits, cut them in half for the pizza crust and then pulled out pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella, pesto sauce and a variety of cut veggies.  You can even add in mini turkey pepperonis or cooked sausage into the mix if desired; basically use any topping your kids love.  Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees, let the kids create, design, mess it up & then bake for 10 minutes & serve it up!

fruit wands

While the pizzas are baking, have an assortment of cut fruit waiting to the side.  Using watermelon & star shaped cookie cutters, the kids can easily create flavorful fruit shapes that can be turned into magic wands on skewers to wave over their New Year’s Resolutions or wishes for the New Year.  These are great for snacks anytime or upcoming princess parties or while watching the latest princess movie….

mini time capsules

Looking for a fun activity?  Here’s a way the kids can make a few fun wishes for the upcoming year…it’s a great family or party activity.  Click here for this easy ‘how-to’!




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4 Comments on “Seriously Simple and Yummy Kid Friendly ‘make your own’ Food Bites”

  1. I have to do the fruit skewers for my kids, they would love it! They are already fans of pizza, but don’t get more adventurous than bacon and cheese, and maybe a bit of salami. At least I know they will eat it happily 🙂

    1. Fruit skewers are always a hit here! I hope they love them. My guys are pretty pizza adventurers. In fact, they love chicken parm pizza & buffalo chicken pizza :)….

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