Silly Eggshell Planters for Earth Day

egg shells in a clear carton that are cracked at the top and filled with dirt with colorful silly faces drawn on them with markers

Eggshell planters are a great gardening activity for earth day.  These garden planters are easy to make and are a great kid craft.  The eggshells help to feed your seedlings grow for your family garden. 

A young girl planting seeds in egg shells that are filled with dirt and have silly faces drawn on them

Silly Eggshell Planters for Earth Day

Whether you are an avid gardener or a novice gardener, these silly eggshell planters are perfect for Earth Day family fun. 

They are so easy, but a great way to craft and recycle while celebrating earth day and starting your garden prep.  You can plant whatever you want; vegetables, fruits or herbs.  And, if you don’t like to garden, you can plant flowers or grass and still have fun!


Once your seedlings start to grow your eggs will look like they are growing hair!  Here’s a printable craft ‘how-to’ for you to follow….

Silly Eggshell Planters for Earth Day

egg shells in a clear carton that are cracked at the top and filled with dirt with colorful silly faces drawn on them with markers


  • Eggs
  • Egg Carton
  • Vegetable, fruit or herb seeds
  • Colorful permanent markers
  • Seed starting potting mix
  • Plastic Spoon


    1. When using eggs for baking or cooking, crack them at the top so that you keep three-quarters of the eggshell intact.
    2. Place the empty eggshells in an empty egg tray and let the eggs dry overnight.  The tray will provide stability for your eggs once they are planted.
    3. Gently create silly faces on the eggs using permanent, colorful markers.
    4. Using a small plastic spoon, fill the eggs with the potting soil.
    5. Add only 1 to 3 seeds depending on what you
      are planting into the dirt.
    6. Cover the seeds with a little bit of dirt.
    7. Water the plants.

More on making Silly Eggshell Planters:  

All Planted:  Keep your silly egg heads in a sunny window and water as needed.  Germination depends on what you are planting.  You can learn more about the seeds you have planted on your seed packet(s).

Find the Supplies:  You can find almost everything you need when shopping at your local supermarket for this project/activity.

  • Markers can be found in the school supply aisle.
  • Plastic spoons can be located in the paper supply aisle.
  • Eggs can be found in the dairy aisle.
  • Seeds can be found near the floral department.
  • Check the seasonal aisle for potting soil, but you may have to purchase that from your local gardening store.

Watering Suggestion:  Try a spray bottle.  Or, you can use a paper coated cups are great for watering your seeds.  You can squeeze the cup to create a spout and control the amount of water you are pouring.  These can also be found in the paper supply aisle.

Transplanting:  Once your seedlings have sprouted and have begun to grow, they will be come too big for your eggshells.  Simply transfer them to a larger planter or your garden, depending on the weather.  Gently break the shell and plant it with the seedlings; it helps to feed the soil and your plant.

The Cracked Eggs:  Maybe you are looking for a recipe to use the eggs so you have shells for creating your planters?  Try making Egg Tacos and then think about growing a salsa garden (wink).

Breakfast tacos made with flour tortillas filled with seasoned scrambled eggs, pico de gallo, shredded Monterey jack cheese, topped with fresh cut slices of avocado.

Egg Taco Recipe Link


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