Soft Serve Fun at Home

There’s nothing like soft-serve now that the warm weather has finally arrived!  And, with warm weather it’s time to pull out a whole new set of recipes to share…
Soft Serve Fun

June is National Strawberry Month & we’re having a little fun with our Strawberry Soft Serve Swap.  We LOVE strawberries, LOVE pink and LOVE this recipe…it’s a triple play! Enjoy~

Strawberry Soft Serve Fun by Jodie Fitz

32 oz. Vanilla Greek Yogurt (no fat)

16 oz. Frozen Strawberries (fresh, no sugar added)

1/2 cup honey

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Add the Greek vanilla yogurt, frozen strawberries, honey and vanilla extract into a food processor, turn it on & let it swirl.  Once everything is blended, simply scoop it up an serve…it’s the best soft serve ever!

We scoop our left-overs into the Tovolo freeze pop molds and freeze them up for another cold treat.  If found mine at Marshall’s for $7.99, but you can also find them online to order.  My youngest loves these new pop molds!

Disclosure: I am pleased to be working with MVP Health Care and the MVP Generation Go Program, which has sponsored this post. My participation is voluntary and my opinion is always my own, as is any advice offered.



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