Strawberry Smoothie Love with a Twist of Lime

Strawberry smoothie in a clear glass with red and white striped straw and a strawberry on the edge of the glass and a few cut strawberries scattered at the bottom of the glass

Blend this strawberry smoothie recipe it’s delicious with a twist of lime juice.  It’s great for breakfast or after school snacks.  And, it’s totally quick and easy to make!

Strawberry smoothie in a clear glass with red and white striped straw and a strawberry on the edge of the glass and a few cut strawberries scattered at the bottom of the glass

Strawberry Smoothie Love with a Twist of Lime

I am a huge smoothie lover and Strawberry smoothies are one of my absolute favorites!  Smoothies are so quick and easy to make.  In fact, they’re versatile making them a fabulous serve for busy lifestyles and equally awesome for those moments when you want to slow down and savor what you’re sipping.  I often take mine on the run in a travel cup, because I am always on the run.   

One thing I love about making smoothies, both for myself and/or for my kids, is that they are often packed with a lot of nutritional foods like STRAWBERRIES!  Any extra fruit and veggie squeezes are a plus, right?

I’m all about flavor when I make my smoothies.  We love adding a splash of lime to our strawberry smoothies.  The lime gives the perfect burst of unique flavor to this blended combination.

So, don’t wait any longer!  Grab your blender and all of the ingredients below and enjoy this Strawberry Smoothie Recipe.  It’s so easy, because all that’s required of you is to measure and blend! 

I hope you get to slow down and enjoy yours.  And if you don’t, because you too are on the run…remember, it’s equally delicious either way. 

Note:  Here is a printable version of the recipe for your convenience;

Strawberry Smoothie Love with a Twist of Lime

Strawberry smoothie in a clear glass with red and white striped straw and a strawberry on the edge of the glass and a few cut strawberries scattered at the bottom of the glass


  • 2 cup strawberries, frozen
  • 2 cups milk
  • 6 oz. low-fat vanilla yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Add the strawberries, milk, yogurt, lime juice, honey and vanilla extract into the blender. Blend the ingredients together until they are mixed thoroughly. Serve!


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More on the Strawberry Smoothie Ingredients;

LIME JUICE:  I like to use a fresh lime for my lime juice, but you can save time and use pre-squeezed lime juice that you can find at your local supermarket.  

In regards to the fresh lime juice, you can use a citrus squeezer like the one I have pictured below.  Or, you can cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice into a cup.  Spoon out the seeds, if any, before adding the lime juice to the blender.

FRESH STRAWBERRIES: Fresh strawberries can be substituted in this recipe.  If you do use fresh strawberries, they must be rinsed, the greens removed and the berries sliced before blending.  You may want to add a cup or two of ice!

FROZEN STRAWBERRIES: If you are using the fresh frozen strawberries, like we do, be certain to purchase the freshly frozen berries with no sugar added.  DO  NOT purchase the package with added syrups and sugars.  The fresh frozen strawberries with nothing added have the same nutritional value as the fresh.  The price typically remains the same throughout the year making it more affordable throughout the season changes vs. fresh strawberries.  The fresh berry prices vary depending on availability and season.

DAIRY ALLERGIES: You can use your favorite dairy free alternative.  I’m picking either rice milk or coconut milk for the best flavor with this ingredient combo, but you should choose based on your dietary needs.  Rice milk is benign in flavor when making smoothies allowing the strawberries to shine; it is a little icier in texture vs. the coconut, which is creamier and adds an interesting taste to this mix.

Strawberries Nutritional Facts:  One of my favorite facts that I learned about strawberries is that they are a source of Vitamin C.   Who knew? It’s not something I thought of when I first learned this fact about these beautiful red fruits.  They are a complex bite packed with all kinds of goodness.  But, here’s a link to learn straight from the experts exactly what you’re eating when you eat a strawberry.  Educational Link

Making this Strawberry Smoothie with children;

Every recipe is filled with lessons to teach children.  Here are a few concepts to concentrate on when making this recipe;

  • Preparing fruit 
  • Hulling strawberries (if you use fresh strawberries)
  • Extracting lime juice
  • Slicing
  • Cutting safety techniques
  • Knife safety
  • Measuring ingredients
  • Blending and blender safety


Cheers to Strawberry Smoothie Making! ~ Jodie Fitz

P.S.  If you’re looking for more amazing strawberry recipe, check out this fun stuffed strawberry.  It tastes like a healthy peanut butter and jelly bite.

Stuffed Strawberry sitting on a Nilla wafer arranged to look like an owl, on a plate with Nilla wafers and strawberries


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