Summer Pasta Dishes are Delish!

Summer Pasta Dish

We have been fully enjoying the flavors that come with the grilling season at our table, but every once in awhile we still enjoy a delicious pasta dish.  So, I like to bring the grill along to the mix and save the heavy sauce and meatballs for the fall.I am a BIG, no HUGE…. pepper fan & love the summer season when everything’s so fresh – red, orange, yellow & green make a colorful combo.  But, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE vidalia onions even more than peppers!  Add them together and it’s always a winning combination for me.  I sauté them lightly in a tablespoon or two of light olive oil until they have cooked, but are still slightly crisp.  I actually like to to sauté just 1/4 cup of olive oil and a large crushed clove of garlic for the final toss separately so that the peppers and onions have their own bold flavors to share…Grilled Sweet Turkey Sausage is what brings the flavor to this dish.I actually toss the pasta with the oil & garlic first and then season it with salt and pepper to taste.  Toss in the peppers, onions & sausage & serve with some sort of additional vegetable like a fresh salad.

The left-overs are gone!  My teens like this one so much that it was gone at lunch time the next day…no complaints :).



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