Pizza Garden Planting Activity for Kids

Children scooping dirt from a green bucket to fill up empty egg cartons

This pizza garden planting activity is a great way to teach children about farm to table concepts.  It’s an opportunity to spend time together.  And, it’s a fun way to introduce gardening to children. Pizza Garden Planting Activity for Kids This Pizza Garden Planting Activity is great for the kids.  It promotes: Family Time Gardening  Activity Farm to Table Concepts … Read More

Kid-Friendly Nature Walk Activity

A girl wearing a backpack with her hands up in the air, standing in a grass field while a boy is walking down a trail in the background

This kid-friendly nature walk activity is fun.  It turns a walk into a family game.  It helps to get kids moving and stay active. Kid-Friendly Nature Walk Activity Why get your kids outside for a kid-friendly nature walk? Vitamin D Exercise Appreciation of Nature Family Time Here is a game board to print off for the kids to take on … Read More

Shake it Up Baby – Frozen Yogurt in a Bag!

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

I have been traveling throughout the community testing my arm strength and the cooking muscles of the kids at the tables where I’ve visited.  Together we’ve been mixing it up & shaking it up so that we could make a Strawberry-Banana Frozen Yogurt.  This activity is fun!  In fact, it’s a blend of science, educational learning through a hands-on activity … Read More