Corn Salsa and Homemade Chips are Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers

Black Bean and Corn Salsa with Homemade Chips

Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers can be tasty and nutritious.  Check out this Black Bean and Corn salsa recipe served with homemade chips in the shapes of colorful fall leaves.  The homemade chips are made out of spinach, whole grain and sun-dried tomato flavored flatbreads; yum. Grab the kids and head to the kitchen for this festively fun fix. It’s a great … Read More

Easy Homemade Chips and Cheese Dip for Halloween

Homemade Chips and Cheesy Dip for Halloween Party Yum

How fun are these homemade chips?  I just love the pumpkins, ghost and witch hat chips for Halloween; they make for a fun and memorable entertaining food moment.  They are not only delicious but so easy to make.  These homemade chips are perfect party food partnered with my cheese dip.  Grab your cookie cutters and get ready to follow along … Read More

Bloody Mary Shrimp Taco Appetizer

Bloody Mary Shrimp Taco Appetizer

Looking for a memorable appetizer to share?  Check out my Bloody Mary Shrimp recipe.  This appetizer is absolutely delish and it’s totally easy to make.  After all ‘EASY’ is always my favorite ingredient in any recipe. As I was prepping this dish for my Real Food Fast segment on WNYT for New Years I learned that January 1st is National Bloody … Read More

Snacking on Easy with Guacamole & Homemade Flatbread Chips

guacamole and homemade flatbread chip recipe

Looking for some better bites? Check out our guacamole recipe that we like to serve with homemade flatbread chips. Our favorite part you ask? It’s all QUICK & EASY to make! This recipe combo is perfect to serve as an appetizer, for after school snacks or to the football crowd on your couches and it’s total YUM! It’s one of … Read More

Turkey Styled Veggies and Hummus Snacks for the kids on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving turkey pepper kids

We’re always trying to add extra veggies into the mix. Check out how we turned a bell pepper into a turkey. It’s filled with hummus and fresh veggies that’s perfect for after school snacks and/or a kid-friendly Thanksgiving appetizer. Turkey Dippin’ Veggie Fun by Jodie Fitz Wash the yellow bell pepper. Remove the top & hollow out the inside of … Read More

Kids in the Kitchen with Hummus & Pita Chip Teepees

hummus and pita chip teepees

Ava helped me pull out the mini chopper and mix up some homemade Hummus and Teepee Pita Chips to share as an appetizer with our Thanksgiving guests. This recipe is so easy that it’s great for after school snacking fun throughout the entire month of November. Watch Ava as she mixes up this recipe & then grab all of the … Read More

Baking Up Taquitos

Having just a little fun over at the counters & in the ovens for Cinco de Mayo just around the corner making Baked Chicken Taquitos. My Baked Chicken Taquito Recipe Step 1 = pull out the crock-pot (LOVE IT ALREADY!!!) 2 pounds chicken thighs (darker meat works the best on the recipe) 14.5 0z. can of 99% fat free chicken … Read More

Super Bowl Snacking Fun

We had a little fun over at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club getting ready for the Super Bowl using my Magic Taco Meat recipe.  Heres a great snack for all of your Super Bowl fans… Magic Taco Meat by Jodie Fitz 1 pound ground turkey 1/8 cup onions, chopped 15.5 oz. can of Price Chopper diced tomatoes ¾ teaspoon … Read More

Veggie Appetizer Fun for Kids

Not wanting the kids to eat chips, dip and sweets at your upcoming gathering? Sometimes the veggie platter has to be just as fun…. Fun with Veggies by Jodie Fitz 1 oz. Price Chopper cream cheese, softened 1 tablespoon Price Chopper sour cream 1 teaspoon of dry ranch seasoning Central Market wheat crackers, round Large carrots Celery Price Chopper Raisins Mix … Read More

Baked Brie with Pears and Pecans, YUM

Looking for something easy, but delicious to make?  I love baked brie and one of my favorite combinations is with fruit. Baked Brie with Pears & Pecans 1 round brie 1 pear 1 tablespoon brown sugar 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 1/4 cup pecans, chopped Using a knife, I remove the rind from the edges and the top of the brie, but … Read More