Avocado Honey Ice Cream is Super Simple to Make & Delicious to Eat

Homemade no churn avocado honey ice cream in a dish with a candy eye in the center to be served as monster cream for children

I’m in love with monster cream which is actually Avocado Honey Ice Cream. And, I can’t wait for you to try it. If you follow along with my recipes, you know I spend a decent amount of time finding ways to get kids to eat foods they never though they’d eat.  Monster Cream (a.k.a. avocado honey ice cream) is one … Read More

Using Avocado in our Afternoon Frozen Snack Tasting Fun

avocado frozen snack

A couple of years ago I had seen avocado ice cream as a way to squeeze in what’s actually a nutrient dense fruit into the diet. And, as much as I enjoy going for a summer ice cream treat with the family, making ice cream at home & serving different flavors at our counters, I personally had a hard time … Read More