Mint Chocolate Freeze Pops

Mint Chocolate Freeze Pops

We are still looking for fun frozen foods throughout the month of August!  Check out this recipe for Mint Chocolate Freeze Pops.  You won’t believe what makes them green, but picky eaters love them.  It’s one more way to add in a natural food coloring and add in a few extra veggies along the way… Mint Chocolate Freeze Pops by Jodie … Read More

Chinese New Year Dessert Family Fun with Gok Jai

chinese New Year desserts

 Chinese New Year is Friday, January 31st & provides the perfect opportunity to experiment & have a little family fun in the kitchen while subtly exploring other cultures & learning a few skills along the way.  After a little research we learned that Desserts are served during Chinese New Year with the intention of celebrating a ‘sweet’ year ahead.  One … Read More

Frozen Yogurt Recipe – Choco Monkey Flavored!

Try this frozen yogurt recipe! It’s what we call ‘Choco-Monkey’ flavored & it’s absolutely delicious. My house was filled & in my opinion there is no room for ‘boredom’ in the midst of this beautiful weather, so we mixed up a treat to share that used a little creativity, energy, muscles & finally our taste buds.  Yes, together we made … Read More

Chocolate Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt

Chocolate Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt

Looking for dessert? Or a frozen treat to cool things down? Chocolate Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt is EASY to make and absolutely delicious to eat.  You can serve it immediately after you make it in a soft-serve state and/or put it in the freezer and scoop it up for a treat later on; either way, it’s fantastic! Chocolate-Peanut Butter Frozen … Read More

This Yummy Combo is Great for a Snack or Light Dessert

Summer Snack or Dessert with Flatout and strawberries

I have Summer Lovin’ for this delicious combo! My favorite part of this recipe? It’s EASY & Delicious. This recipe is great for my own family, but it’s also perfect when company is coming because you can have the chips prepped ahead of time; 15 minutes tops. While the chips are baking I often slice the strawberries & place them … Read More

Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookies

We do a lot of taste testing, always trying to find new combinations for our meals & snacks and create better bites along the way.  But, there are times, especially vacation weeks, that we truly enjoy just coming together and having fun in the kitchen.  We have many recipes that fit the mold, but one of our favorites includes a … Read More

Halloween Popcorn…

Tonight It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is on TV! How many years have I been watching this special? Skipping that thought & moving on to the fact that I actually still look forward to watching all of these timeless treasures with a new found love that combines my childhood memories & new snuggles with my own crew (well the … Read More

Mini Mint Brownie Bites

Looking for a quick dessert or holiday classroom treat? Mini Mint Brownie Bites might just be the perfect solution & my kids would definitely agree.  My husband laughed as I was trying to take these out of the pan and my kids surrounded me like vultures hoping I’d accidentally scoop them the wrong way so that I’d hand over the … Read More