Eggnog French Toast, a Festive Holiday Treat

I love EGGNOG and so do my kids, so I really have to limit it in my household over the holidays or we’d all have way too much.  Once a year we make a treat with eggnog and sometimes we really enjoy it with our French Toast. Eggnog French Toast by Jodie Fitz 1 cup light Price Chopper eggnog ½ teaspoon … Read More

One of Life’s Humorous Moments…

I love the Imagine-Nation Museum in Bristol, CT & have joined them for several of their events.  Just a little side note, they put on top notch, very fun, family events…like Chocolate Festivals with chocolate rivers & Who’ville events with the entire staff dressed like who’villagers (if that’s a word)…they truly are fantastic! So, when they called me & told me … Read More

Just a Few Bees

Mondays are just one of those days…You never really know how your week is going to start out & mine is launching with a swarm of activity right in my own backyard.  Yesterday my youngest discovered a bees nest in one of the trees.  Not just a little bees nest, but a HUGE and rapidly growing bees nest.  We didn’t … Read More

Mini Mint Brownie Bites

Looking for a quick dessert or holiday classroom treat? Mini Mint Brownie Bites might just be the perfect solution & my kids would definitely agree.  My husband laughed as I was trying to take these out of the pan and my kids surrounded me like vultures hoping I’d accidentally scoop them the wrong way so that I’d hand over the … Read More

Valentine’s from the Kitchen to Share

It’s not Christmas, but the excitement in going to school and sharing your Valentine’s as well as collecting them could be considered equivalent.  I actually get just as excited as my kids when they come home with their decorated bags, boxes, mailboxes or whatever else the teacher has planned for that given year.  I love sharing the moment of sitting … Read More