Celebrating Friendship with Snow-Capped Martini Recipe

snow capped martini

  I am saying CHEERS to a New Year and celebrating friendship and new beginnings with my Snow-Capped Martini Recipe. It’s been a very busy holiday season and I did something I haven’t done in over 5 years; I put everything on pause for the holiday and focused on my husband, children and company this past week.  I unplugged, I … Read More

Dessert Made Easy with this Kahlua Brownie Trifle Recipe

kahlua brownie trifle

 Okay, so everyone needs a box of secret recipes to pull out on occasion…ones that tastes AMAZING, ones that everyone ooh’s and ahh’s over, but are secretly QUICK & EASY to make!  This Kahlua Brownie Trifle is one of my secret simple dessert recipes that meets all of the above criteria.   I recently made this for two separate occasions … Read More

Summer Spices and My Outdoor Spice Rack Creation

breakfast with the girls

The story behind my spices! My birthday is in May!  As part of my celebration I went to breakfast with a few of my friends at a restaurant in a neighboring town called the Iron Roost.  Afterwards I wanted to go to a little shop in town called C’est La Vie that had caught my eye on a recent drive … Read More

I Did NOT Just Do that…

I met a new friend at Mocha Lisa’s for lunch.  We arrived, ordered our food and found a seat.  Just before my lunch friend had arrived, I saw a woman that looked very familiar who was in a meeting and I said a quick hell-o.  Just a few minutes later, the person I had waved to found her way to … Read More

Easter = Project Complete!

If you follow along with my posts then you might remember that a few weeks ago my friend Micha set me on a bit of a spring cleaning spree.  It’s crazy, right?  One moment you are on top of it all, suddenly you look around and everything is backed up whether it be projects, regular household activities or a lot … Read More