Honeydew melons make fun Froggy Pops

Honeydew melon frog pops

Freeze pops are fun, but, so is fresh fruit! Honeydew melon is s-w-e-e-t all on it’s own, but with a few key additions, you can have a super easy Froggy Fruit Pop. When you’re finished making this creative, but easy little bite, snack time has become fun time all while combining craft time! And, while you’re eating it…grab a Froggy … Read More

Seriously Simple and Yummy Kid Friendly ‘make your own’ Food Bites

flatout bred pizza bar

  It doesn’t have to be complicated for it to be delicious, fun & memorable.  Here are a couple of last minute, kid friendly, make your own food bites to pull out for New Years, a play date, parties or ANYTIME.  After all, who needs a special occasion to play with their food? We’re starting the Make Your Own stations … Read More

Build an Easy Fruit Tree Forest for the Holidays

Fruit Tree Forest and Snow Dip

David joined me in the kitchen so that we could build a Fruit Tree Forest to serve at the party whether it is in the classroom or home.   We also whipped and folded together a few key ingredients to make a Snow Cap Dip. This recipe is so simple, but festively tasty. Watch David’s video to see how easy this … Read More

No-Bake Fruit Cake Dessert Fun the Entire Family will Enjoy

no-bake dessert with fruit fun

    Meghan joined me at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club Studio to carve up a whole new creation & help us build a Fruitcake made out of real fruit.  We froze the center, layered, decorated & served up a delicious dessert that’s light and requires NO-BAKING!  As much as baking is fun, it’s always a necessity to have … Read More

After School Thanksgiving Snack that’s Healthy for the entire Family

after school snack fun with fruit

 We left the Halloween decorations up through the weekend & finally packed them back into their bin and put them away earlier this week.  As we say ‘good-bye’ to one very festive holiday, we are dusting off a few new decorations and saying ‘hell-o’ to one of my favorites.  I am not certain what it is about Thanksgiving that I … Read More

Monsters University = monstrously delicious bites

Fruit monsters

We LOVE Monster’s Inc. and are psyched to be launching our summer off with a trip to the movies to see Monsters University.  And, although we haven’t seen it yet and had it as part of the plans in week one, we celebrated with an ‘off the bus’, last day of school bit of fun with a few monstrously delicious … Read More

Easter Breakfast with Fruit & Carrot-Applesauce Pancakes

I love the holidays & Easter Breakfast can be fun, but you can still squeeze in a good few bites along the way.  If you have a picky eater, holidays provide the perfect time to play with your food!  What are we serving this year? We are starting with a fresh spring bouquet of fruit that can easily be made … Read More