Make Your Halloween Drinks Memorable with Beetle Juice

Beetle Juice is a soda alternative for a healthy Halloween

Pull out the blender and a few key, fresh ingredients and make your Halloween Drinks memorable with this Beetle Juice recipe. It’s easy, delicious and fresh; making this recipe a great soda alternative for your next Halloween party. Halloween drinks can be soda free! Here’s the ingredient list for Beetle Juice: 4 cups ice 2 lemons, fresh 2 cups water½ … Read More

Easy Homemade Chips and Cheese Dip for Halloween

Homemade Chips and Cheesy Dip for Halloween Party Yum

How fun are these homemade chips?  I just love the pumpkins, ghost and witch hat chips for Halloween; they make for a fun and memorable entertaining food moment.  They are not only delicious but so easy to make.  These homemade chips are perfect party food partnered with my cheese dip.  Grab your cookie cutters and get ready to follow along … Read More

Making Monster Pizza Memories in the Kitchen for Halloween

monster pizza making family fun

Ready for a little family fun at dinner?  It’s Monster pizza making time!  These pizzas are great for any family pizza night, but they’re even more awesome for an easy Halloween dinner. They are what I call total ‘yum fun’.   In addition, making monster pizza is a fantastic way to get the kids to eat more veggies. They will have … Read More

Kids are in the Kitchen with Halloween Mummy Brownie Bites

Mummy Brownie Bites

     We have been having a monstrously good time in the kitchen at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club this month for Halloween. All of the kids that joined me at the counters helped me build a festive family fun dinner.  We started with Salad Stuffed Cyclops, served up some Monster Pan Pizzas & now we are ready for … Read More

Halloween lunch ideas, Monsters in the Lunchbox are a Fun Find

Halloween lunch ideas

Need Halloween lunch ideas? Looking for ideas to keep the lunchbox interesting and fun for Halloween (or all year long)? Check this out! This lunchbox is packed with Cyclops Grape sticks, Bagel Monsters & Fake Dirt with worms. YUM, YUM…. It’s Halloween food fun with a healthier twist to every bite! Here are the ‘how-to’s’ and recipes for these Halloween … Read More

Creepy Crawly Brownie Bites turns a Basic Box Mix into Fabulous Fun

Angie joined me to make our holiday sweet snack this month. Together we made Creepy Halloween Brownie Bites. After baking our individual sized brownies, we turned them into brownie bowls, filled them with a surprise & topped them with some gummy worms. Check out the recipe & watch Angie’s adorable video. Creepy Brownie Bites by Jodie Fitz 1 milk chocolate … Read More

Blend a Little Halloween Fun and Serve Witches Brew

witches brew

Is your crew thirsty for Halloween fun?  If the answer is yes, then serve them a little Witches Brew.  Mwah ha ha ha! They will never guess what the bewitched ingredient is in witches brew.  So I say, blend it up, let them guess and surprise away… What is the bewitched ingredient you ask? Why darling, it’s Spinach!   Spinach is … Read More

Mini Candy Apple Bites

Mini Candy Apple Bites

I love looking at the beautifully decorated candy apples that make their debut this time of year?  We used to buy a candy apple once in a while.  Each child would pick out their own, one or two bites would be taken & out they would be thrown a day or two later because no one could finish them.  Later, … Read More

Top Ten Things You Probably Never Wanted to Know About Beans

1. Today, January 6th, just happens to be National Bean Day!  Yes, there is a holiday for everything…and I found this one as I was researching something else & well…just couldn’t pass it up.  So, in the spirit of my love for crazy facts and silly holidays, I thought I’d share the Top Ten Things You Probably Never Wanted to … Read More