No Cook Easy Refrigerator Blueberry Oatmeal

Refrigerator no cook blueberry oatmeal

Its simple, it’s easy, its fun to make.  If you’re making lunch the night before, take a few extra steps to throw these ingredients together, pop them in the refrigerator and make your mornings easy with this No Bake Overnight Blueberry Oatmeal Recipe. In fact, the kids can totally help with the prepping and stirring and layering and refrigerating. Once … Read More

Quick & Easy Mediterranean Chicken in 20 Minutes on Busy Nights

mediterranean chicken

 Everyone in my family has their favorite quick dinner options that are served at our counters.  Mediterranean Chicken is mine & it can be ridiculously easy.  Add a little Survival Sunday ™ prep and this delicious recipe can be served in 20 minutes on busy nights.  Here’s how; I actually pre-broil my chicken on Sunday.  I often buy the boneless, … Read More

This Macaroni and Cheese Recipe Make-over makes a Better Bite

macaroni and cheese

 If your kids are like mine, they probably love macaroni and cheese.  I grew up on the heavy, baked macaroni and cheese as a kid and still occasionally make it for my own, which is a HUGE TREAT!  Recently I’ve been experimenting with ways we can cut the prep and bake time, lower the fat content & keep a taste … Read More