Fruit Tie Dye Smoothie Recipe

Tie Dye Smoothie made with a banana smoothie base and mango, raspberry and blackberry purees to create a colorful tie dye effect of yellow, red and deep purple.

This Tie Dye Smoothie Recipe is perfect for summer fun!  It’s delicious and you can make the fruit puree ahead of time to make these all week long.  The whole family will love this recipe making yum. Fruit Tie Dye Smoothie Recipe Hi there!  Have you seen the tie dye Frappuccino® by Starbucks?  Well, this recipe is inspired by that … Read More

Apple Cashew Smoothie Recipe

Apple Cashew Smoothie made with cashew milk served in a milk jar shaped glass served with plaid orange paper straws.

Try this Apple Cashew Smoothie Recipe, it’s easy and delicious.  This smoothie recipe is great for breakfast or an afternoon snack.  It’s kid tested and kid approved. Apple Cashew Smoothie Recipe Apple season and Back to School are two of my favorite times of year.  Apples are one of our favorites and we love picking them, eating them, dipping them, … Read More

Cherry Smoothies

cherry smoothie

I absolutely LOVE smoothies (including cherry smoothies)!  They were one of my favorite things to make as a child and as a young teen I had full license of the blender and loved every minute of it.  When I was younger I made a ton of Apple-Banana Smoothies, but have since then tweaked my recipe for my own children. We … Read More

Tropical Smoothie

When we turn the calendar to August I find myself wanting time to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n.  As much as I love our northeastern seasonal changes I can’t help thoroughly enjoying the tropical feel of the summer days.  One of our favorite seasonal blends is the Tropical Smoothie.  It’s a sweet, savory blend of flavors mixed with a few cooking lessons for … Read More

Blueberry Coconut Smoothie Recipe with Kale Served with Veggie Snack Sushi

blueberry coconut smoothie and snack sushi

 We’re getting ready for back to school after the holiday food frenzy and experimenting with new combinations while finding ways to add in more fruits and vegetables along the way. This month I’m sharing our latest Blueberry-Coconut Smoothie Combo that’s great for breakfast or after school along with a Snack Sushi roll that’s great for lunchbox packing & more after … Read More

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Always love adding a new smoothie combination to the recipe box.  Here’s my January release (DELICIOUS!!!) Strawberried Banana Smoothie by Jodie Fitz 2 cups frozen Price Chopper strawberries (NuVal 100) 4 oz. Price Chopper low fat milk 6 oz. Price Chopper low fat vanilla yogurt ½ banana (NuVal 91) 2 tablespoons Price Chopper honey 1 teaspoon Price Chopper vanilla extract … Read More

New Smoothie Recipe Blend for Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Fun

Valentines Love Punch

  This month we’ve been having a whole lot of recipe loving fun in the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club kitchen to share for Valentine’s Day and we are loving this Smoothie Recipe that’s a perfect serve for classroom party fun or, you can make it for some taste testing family yum. Mackenzie joined me in the kitchen. She helped … Read More

Making After School Snacks Yummy with Triple Berry Smoothie YUM

berry-licious smoothie

  I am so excited to be back in the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club Kitchen this month.  I was visiting at the counters recently with Jillian who helped me pull  out one of my favorite kitchen gadgets; the blender.  I love the blender because it equates to ‘smoothies’ in my household & if you know me, you’ll know I LOVE a deliciously … Read More

The Blueberry Blaster!

It’s July, which is also National Blueberry Month, which means it’s time to celebrate with blueberry combinations!  So, to start things off, we’re blasting forward with a little kitchen fun and making the Blueberry Blaster to share; a delicious smoothie. Did You Know?!?! * The NuVal Score of blueberries = 100 * Native Americans once called blueberries “star berries,” because … Read More