Snowman Pizza Night Fun

Pizza in the shape of a snowman baked with spinach, sausage and cheese with olives to create eyes and a mouth, tomato buttons and a carrot nose

Build a snowman pizza for family pizza night fun.  This pizza is a perfect way to include extra veggies for kids.  It’s a new way to build a snowman memory together. Snowman Pizza Night Fun Do you want to build a snowman?  I do! I love snowman pizza, family pizza making yum.  I started making these pizzas when my youngest … Read More

Snowman Breakfast Pizza

A breakfast pizza made with eggs, cheese and vegetables formed into the shape of a snowman fresh out of the oven.

A Snowman Breakfast Pizza is a whole lot of kid friendly food fun.  This recipe is a great breakfast recipe the whole family will enjoy.  It’s easy and delicious to make. Snowman Breakfast Pizza Looking for winter food fun in the kitchen?  Consider making a snowman breakfast pizza.  It’s easy and it’s fun for everyone.  There’s so much versatility in … Read More