Creating a Comfy Cozy Porch Space

Creating a Comfy Cozy Porch Space

Welcome to my front porch! Our front porch is where we often like to have coffee and/or tea, sometimes breakfast on a weekend morning during the warmer weather. It’s a little slice of zen in our fast paced lives. Our property is surrounded by trees & the birds are always in full chorus in the morning, providing a pretty peaceful … Read More

Zucchini stuffed with Turkey Sausage & Grilled Vegetables for a Family Dinner

stuffed zucchini baked

This summer, with our son graduating, there was no room in the schedule for a garden; boo.  I protested!  And, my husband said (very nicely)….’you have no time to plant & maintain a garden…’  At the end of the day, although I hate to admit it, he was absolutely right.  Prepping the yard after the hard winter for our guests took … Read More

Wrapping Up Summer 2013 with a few Snapshots

It’s time to wrap up summer 2013 and get ready for all that the fall has to offer.  It’s been a VERY busy summer and I’ve discovered that I have fallen in love with my camera whether it’s my stand alone or the camera on my phone.  I find that it allows me to slow down for just a few … Read More

My New Food Crush = Grilled Peach Salad with Goat Cheese and Blueberries

Grilled peach salad

  Last year I started making grilled white nectarine/peach salads throughout the summer & fell in LOVE!  My food affair with this flavorful combo is still going strong, but I’ve added a new twist; not to dish last year’s layered yum, but you have to keep things fresh & exciting ~ lol. This year I’m still making & sharing, but I’ve … Read More

Freshly Squeezed Homemade Frozen Lemonade is Cool & Refreshing

  Cheers to the warm weather that is finally arriving in the northeast.  Summer is certainly on it’s way & after the winter we have had it is surely welcomed!  Sydney, my own, joined me to help blend up some afternoon sips with our favorite Freshly Squeezed Frozen Honey Lemonade recipe that is frequently served at our counters.   We LOVE blender … Read More

Sun Baked S’mores = play date fun!

Sun Baked S'mores

Summertime is synonymous with s’mores and play dates, so why not combine them?  Here’s a fun, no fire required s’more activity that will not just melt into a delicious combination, but into the hearts of your s’more lovin’ crew. We have tested these with a one-on-one play date and recently at a small pool party.  They were a hit both … Read More

Shake it Up Baby – Frozen Yogurt in a Bag!

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

I have been traveling throughout the community testing my arm strength and the cooking muscles of the kids at the tables where I’ve visited.  Together we’ve been mixing it up & shaking it up so that we could make a Strawberry-Banana Frozen Yogurt.  This activity is fun!  In fact, it’s a blend of science, educational learning through a hands-on activity … Read More

Summer Views

handstand competition

This was a different kind of week for me;  I spent most of it in meetings and at times I felt like my head was spinning over social media and upcoming site changes.  Honestly I wish that part was soooo much easier, I prefer to be figuring out how to play with my food and make salad stuffed cyclops (he-he)! … Read More