Squash Monsters for Dinner

When my youngest was much littler than she is now, we used to play a game in the produce aisles throughout the fall.   Every week she would select one new squash, because there are so many unique and colorful options to try that caught her eye.  It was FANTASTIC; it encouraged taste testing and trying new foods and even … Read More

Zucchini stuffed with Turkey Sausage & Grilled Vegetables for a Family Dinner

stuffed zucchini baked

This summer, with our son graduating, there was no room in the schedule for a garden; boo.  I protested!  And, my husband said (very nicely)….’you have no time to plant & maintain a garden…’  At the end of the day, although I hate to admit it, he was absolutely right.  Prepping the yard after the hard winter for our guests took … Read More

Lovin’ this Quinoa Crusted Zucchini Bake

   I recently grabbed some zucchini at the grocery store & decided to experiment with making a Quinoa Crusted Zucchini Bake.  It’s a hearty casserole and personally, I (and my youngest) could eat this as a main dish (actually I snagged the left-overs for my lunch & dinner the following day),  but my husband’s taste buds are slightly different from mine … Read More