Thanksgiving Leftover Garbage Bread with Baked Brie

Have Thanksgiving leftovers?  Add this garbage bread with baked brie to your leftover menu planning.  It’s an easy way to bake the leftovers into a a delicious lunch or dinner that the family will love.
A garbage bread rolled with brie cheese, leftover turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing baked and sliced, ready to be served

Thanksgiving Leftover Garbage Bread with Baked Brie

I am always looking for new ways to use up Thanksgiving Leftovers.  This year I’m sharing my Thanksgiving Garbage Bread for you to add to your leftover menu planning activities.  It’s a delicious way to mix up the Thanksgiving flavors while using up some of the more challenging leftovers like stuffing and cranberry sauce; two that are often the less used in my home unless I get creative.

It’s so easy!  Grab some pre-made, uncooked pizza dough and brie.  Roll out the dough into a rectangular shape, add everything on top, roll and bake.  Once it’s sliced and ready to serve, this makes a delicious and warm lunch or easy dinner share.  

Here is the printable version of my Thanksgiving garbage bread for you to spread, roll, bake, slice and try…

Thanksgiving Leftover Garbage Bread with Baked Brie

Thanksgiving Leftover Garbage Bread with Baked Brie


  • 1 pizza dough, thawed
  • Brie cheese, room temperature
  • Leftover stuffing
  • Leftover cranberry sauce
  • Leftover turkey, diced
  • Butter, room temperature


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Butter the sides and base of a glass loaf pan.

On a floured surface, roll the pizza dough into a rectangular shape.

Cut the rind off of the Brie cheese.

Spread the Brie cheese onto the rolled dough.

Generously sprinkle the leftover stuffing, cranberry sauce and turkey on top of the cheese.

Roll the dough up with all of the leftovers. 

Pinch the seam together, fold the edges and press those together.

Place the stuffed dough, seam down into the loaf pan.

Bake the garbage bread for 40 – 45 minutes.

Remove the loaf from the pan, slice and serve warm.


Why pre-made dough?  I’m just trying to save you time!  I love to keep my kitchen time very simple after making this huge feast.  It’s break time.

Leftover Veggies?  Add some veggies to the mix.  I love roasted asparagus in this mix = yum!  Or, serve them as a side to your garbage bread.

Dunk It!  You can actually dip this bread into a homemade leftover cranberry sauce for a little extra yum in this sweet and savory mix.

Looking for more ways to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers?  Of course you are (wink).

Check out my Stuffing Breakfast Cups. They are a delicious and easy way to use up your leftover stuffing.  If you are like us, stuffing seams to be the item we end up with the most leftovers and creativity is key in using it up.

Stuffing formed into a muffin cup filled with baked egg, sharp cheese and bacon for a Thanksgiving leftover breakfast

Stuffing Breakfast Cup Recipe Link

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  3. Oooh, lovely. And the good thing is that this works internationally as this is exactly the leftovers we have in the UK after Christmas so that’s Boxing day sorted! Thanks.

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