My Travel to The Color Factory in NYC

The Color Factory

Welcome to the Color Factory in Manhattan.  It's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

When I was recently down in Brooklyn for a conference, I got to visit the Color Factory before heading home.  (pssst - if you haven't read my Brooklyn Discoveries you can click here to read all about them).

I didn't even know this existed.  Actually, how I found out about The Color Factory was a little magical.  Don’t you just love when the magic in life just happens? And it does!  When you're meant to experience something, the doors just have a way of opening up.  

Here's my little piece of magic as it pertains to The Color Factory.  I saw a post on Instagram of a beautiful staircase that caught my eye.  I remember thinking '....oh, how fun is this...I wonder where it is?'. Later I learned it was from The Color Factory, but it turned out to be from the original museum in San Francisco.

A few days after seeing the post, I was getting my hair done for some much needed hair-apy and was telling my friend about my trip to the city for a conference and she told me about The Color Factory pop up museum that was only open through May 15th (it's now extended).  I was going May 7, 8 and 9. 

My son bought me a ticket for Mother’s Day and I got this unexpected, amazing experience that I didn't even know existed a few short weeks prior. 

I loved every minute of it.

It truly is an interactive experience with color. The Color Factory incorporates all of the senses including some amazingly colorful taste testing experiences.

I don't have pictures of every room or every bite, and I definitely haven't put my pictures in exact order for you to view.  In fact, I don't think I can even take the time to describe each step I took because my post would be much L-O-N-G-E-R than you'd like to read.

So, I'll let some of my pictures do the talking and will share just enough to entice you to visit yourself....

GREAT news! The exhibit has been extended until the end of August.  In fact, the announcement was made to the employees the day I visited, so the magic continues....

I am planning on going back with the fam. There were so many surprise details and I really went in with very little expectation and came out thrilled that I had added it into the trip = definitely recommended!

My thought = Squeeze it in, plan a trip, make it happen, awaken your inner child.

It's $38 for a ticket of fun.  It takes about an hour to go through the museum and at the end you receive a booklet of colorful circles (picture below) that takes you on 20 more stops throughout the city to continue your color experience.  I didn't have time for the city stops.  In fact, I barely made my train due to traffic.  So that will be my 'add-on' experience when I go back.

Cheers to taking time to play!

P.S. Even the bathrooms are fun!

9 Comments on “My Travel to The Color Factory in NYC”

    1. I’m loving this whole ‘pop up’ museum…which technically is the today version of a travel museum, but way more fun!

    1. Yes – there’s one in San Francisco too, which I’d love to see as well. My understanding is that it’s totally different. Thanks for hosting 🙂

  1. I’ve heard about The Color Factory, Jodie, and I loved your photos! I definitely hope to visit either the San Francisco or NYC locations on one of our next visits. Thank you for sharing with the Hearth and Soul Link Party!

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