Travel to the Carolinas and Back…

Sunset Beach North Carolina

We just returned from our travel time to the Carolinas which were not only amazingly fun, but filled with some very much needed family time.  We started off with a very early morning flight that delivered us into Charleston, South Carolina for a few city views.  They were great, but it was HOT!  We then traveled up the Eastern shore to Calabash, NC.  However, there’s no shore view for this drive (lol), but the kids didn’t mind.  After getting up at 4 AM to make a 6:10 AM flight and hiking through Charleston for several hours in 93 degree weather, they crashed to grab a few zzzz’s for that leg of the trip.

We were very grateful for beautiful beach weather & although our skin really couldn’t take any more sun, I already miss the relaxing sounds by the seashore.  Despite my continuous lathering & time in the shade, I still managed to get sun poisoning; thankfully no one else did.

I grew up on the Adirondack Lakes, my husband on the other hand grew up visiting the Cape Cod shore and LOVES the ocean.  He has definitely handed down his love for body surfing to our children.  Our vacations by the ocean have always been part of my favorite memories….I never grow tired of the seashore finds, sand creations and watching the kids enjoy…

This year the shore brought with it a few new discoveries as we’ve never been to the Carolinas before.  We spent our days at Sunset Beach that came complete with all of the things we love and a few other visitors.  We had REAL LIVE SHARK SITINGS for three consecutive days, which immediately clears the water.  They were only knee deep.  YUP, that was a bit scary and a bit fascinating all in the same breath.  Some how our shoreline vacation always takes place during Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, which of course my kids watched during the evenings.  The sharks showed up near the pier where fishing was a daily activity.  I found myself wondering if there was a shark attack, what responsibility would that pier/town have?  Needless to say, we swam far away from the pier after the first day of shark finds.  The wildlife proved a bit overwhelming for me at times when some sort of small eel slithered by & my youngest had a crab attach itself to the bottom of her foot.  After all three, I waded and watched & enjoyed the pool at the resort every afternoon :)!

Our evenings were filled with area exploration that took us to Broadway on the Beach and Barefoot Landing, both in SC along with several trips into Calabash; the town where we stayed.  We loved visiting all of the shops, trying new restaurants, experimenting with some southern cuisine & getting a taste of fresh seafood.  The luxury of having older children allowed my husband and I a date night on our last evening in town; woot! woot!

Our excitement didn’t really begin until our journey from Calabash back to Charleston.  We stopped for gas and as we pulled out we heard this large sound and then flap, flap, flap, flap….

My husband initially thought something got caught in the tire and was continuing to drive, I was way more concerned & thought for a brief second we were about to have one of our ‘Lucy and Ricky’ conversations as I insisted that we had to stop.  One of the kids thought it was the gas lid not closed, my husband insisted that wasn’t it, my other son rolled down the window and saw nothing, my husband rolled down the window and saw nothing & as he turned around he saw a warning message that we were losing pressure in a tire.  He pulled over, jumped out, jumped in & said we have minutes to get to a gas station – OMG!  Two lights up there was one = phew!   Out of the rented mini van six of us piled, out came six suitcases and out came the ‘how to’ manual.  My husband sprung into full motion & I thought this could be one of those moments….

But, he handled it very calmly, directed the boys, they all pitched in & our very own personal pit crew changed the tire without any heightened voices in 25 minutes.  Back in went the 6 suitcases, one flat tire and all of us!  What’s a family vacation without a story to share – lol!

I’d like to say that the excitement ended there…but, it didn’t.  When we finally arrived back in Charleston we felt like it was too hot to wander the streets for more sight seeing so we went to the Tangler Outlets for a bit of air conditioning where we received a message that our flight was delayed an hour.  On one hand it was like ‘yeah – more shopping time’, on the other hand it was ‘ugh – we only had 40 minutes to catch the second leg of our flight’.  After a fast run through the airport in between flights, because of course our connecting flights could not be close to each other.  And although ‘Gate A’ sounds like it’s close to ‘Gate B’ – its not at BWI :).  But, THANK YOU Southwest for holding the last flight of the day.  We made it & are back home with stories to share and new memories…

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  1. Love the Carolinas. We were down there this summer too. Visiting from the meandering Monday blog hop.
    Angela @ Time with A & N

  2. Looks like it was an absolutely fantastic holiday, there’s some awesome photos. Thank goodness it was only a flat tyre, it bought your family together in a mini crisis anyway it sounds like 🙂

    1. LOL! Yes – it could have been one of those really bad moments, but my husband handled it like a pro 🙂 and the boys jumped right in to help = relief!!

  3. We are NUTS about South Carolina, particularly Charleston & Isle of Palms {we stay here}. We are actually headed there in 24 days!! We get a house right on the beach & love every minute of it! I pretend I live there for a week, then the harsh reality hits & I have to head back home to my house that’s NOT right on the beach! LOL

    1. HAVE a fabulous trip :)! I will have to check out Isle of Palms, I’ve never heard of it, but sounds like a place I’d like to visit….
      And agreed, hard to leave vacation :)!!!

  4. We go to the Carolinas beach in September and have for 15 years.
    No crowds! Our reward for raising a son who is now 41 and a daughter who is 34. With a great DIL and SIL and beautiful grandbabies, Many empty nesters go to the beach in Sept.. We vacation for 2 weeks the middle of September. Its heaven with no crowds and great temperatures.

    I enjoyed your pictures.

    1. I LOVE the beach in September. It’s a great time to visit because it’s still like summer there, but way less on the crowds. I met one of my friends down in Foley Beach a few years ago when we ran away from our husbands & children for a mommy get away in September, it was lovely!!! ENJOY your trip…

  5. I love the beach. We have a camper stored in North Myrtle beach. We love to camp at Myrtle Beach Travel Park right down the road from Tanger Outlets. The campground is Ocean front and I just cant get enough of it! But I’ve never been to Charleston. :(. You have a really cute blog. Come visit me sometime!

    1. I will pop over for a vist! Charleston is about 2 – 2 1/2 hours south of the North Myrtle, someday you could make a day trip of it :)! We did not make it to the Tangler Outlets in North Myrtle, but did stop at the ones near Charleston on the way back – it was way too hot to go back in to the city so we went for in & out of air-conditioning instead :)!!

  6. Jodie, hubby and I visited the Carolinas 4 years ago. Loved, loved it! We were there in the early Spring so the weather was perfect. Did not spend much time at the beach. Went on up to Virginia and visited a lot of historical sites. Would love to go back and hang at the beach. You look like you had a fab time. Flat tire and all. 25 minutes is super fast for the tire change. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. We did have a lovely time & the beach is so worth the visit (minus the sharks – lol). I’ve only been in the Northern part of VA near DC, but would love to hit some of the sites in the future & check out the beach there as well :)…Have a GREAT start to your fall :).

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