Tropical Freeze Pop Cool Down Fun!

Things are heating up and feeling quite tropical…now we can cool it down for the weekend with a little treat!

Tropical Freeze Pops by Jodie Fitz

3 cups low fat vanilla yogurt

1 banana

1 mango

1/2 cup vanilla coconut milk

6 craft sticks

6 – 5 oz. plastic cups

makes 6 – 5 oz. freeze pops

Separate the yogurt so that there is 1 cup in three different bowls.  Evenly distribute the coconut milk into each bowl; approximately 2 tablespoons per bowl.  Stir so that the coconut milk is evenly distributed in each one.

Wash & dry the mango.  Cut the mango; to learn how to cut a mango click here. Stir the mango into one of the bowls.

Peel and slice a banana.  Using a fork, mash it into one of the bowls of yogurt and then stir so that it is evenly distributed.

Line up 6 cups and then add layers to each starting with the banana blended yogurt, then the coconut yogurt and finally, the mango blended yogurt.  Place a craft stick in to the center of each cup.  Place them in the freezer on a flat surface and let them freeze for at least two hours before serving.

Remove the cups and serve.  I simply clip a portion of the cup with scissors and peel the paper coated cups off.  You can also dip the cup into warm water to release the sides and slide the pops out as well.

Enjoy & stay cool :).

Disclosure: I am pleased to be working with MVP Health Care and the MVP Generation Go Program, which has sponsored this post. My participation is voluntary and my opinion is always my own, as is any advice offered.



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