Turkey Styled Veggies and Hummus Snacks for the kids on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving turkey pepper kids

Turkey Dippin’ Veggie Fun with Hummus is perfect for after school Snacks
(or Thanksgiving appetizers).

We’re always trying to add extra veggies into the mix. Check out how we turned a bell pepper into a turkey. It’s filled with hummus and fresh veggies that’s perfect for after school snacks and/or a kid-friendly Thanksgiving appetizer.

Turkey Dippin’ Veggie Fun by Jodie Fitz

1 yellow bell pepper
1 red bell pepper
Celery Sticks
Carrot Sticks
Hummus (your favorite)
2 black pepper corns
Cream cheese

Wash the yellow bell pepper. Remove the top & hollow out the inside of the pepper. Using a sharp knife and looking at the photo, cut out a curved triangular shape of the pepper on both sides to create a turkey head. Fill the pepper with your favorite hummus.

Wash the red bell pepper, remove the top & hollow out the inside of the pepper. Cut it into strips and place them towards the back of the pepper for the first layer of feathers. Reserve one piece for the turkey’s wattle.

Add the celery as the second layer of turkey feathers.

Add the carrot sticks as the third layer of turkey feathers; reserve a piece for the turkey’s beak.

Using a smidge of cream cheese as edible ‘food glue’ attach the two peppercorns as eyes onto the head. Then cut a pointed carrot beak & add cream cheese to the flat edge to attach to the turkey’s head. Cut a thin pointed piece of red pepper & spread cream cheese on the flat side to attach under the turkey’s beak.

Great for afterschool snacking fun or as a kid-friendly appetizer at Thanksgiving.

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