Valentine Hot Cocoa Cones

Valentine's Hot Cocoa Cones

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Looking for something that’s fun and easy to make for Valentine’s? Check out these Hot Cocoa Cones, they’re prefect for kids to use after they’ve been out in the snow.  We have given these on numerous occasions and they have always be a hit…

Valentine Hot Cocoa Cones by Jodie Fitz

Valentine’s from the Kitchen…

Supply list:

Valentine’s wrapping paper

Poster board (or Price Chopper Paper Bag)


Stapler & staples



Price Chopper Instant Hot Chocolate Packets

Price Chopper Mini Marshmallows

Price Chopper Plastic Wrap

  1. Create a template on the poster board as seen in the photo to create the cone.  Each cone will need a poster board or brown paper bag base for stiffness. (sides are approximately 5 inches on each side with the triangular part of the cone at approximately 6 ½ inches)
  2. Trace and cut wrapping paper to fit the cone template.
  3. Staple the wrapping paper and poster board together so that the paper doesn’t shift.
  4. Roll to make the cone & staple it into form.
  5. Roll the hot chocolate packet and slide it inside of the cone.
  6. Wrap approximately a ½ cup of marshmallows in the Plastic Wrap.  I typically tie mine off with a twist tie, ribbon or tape.
  7. Place the marshmallows on top of the cone.
  8. Wrap the entire cone with cellophane so that it is one piece.  Tie the top with Ribbon.
  9. Add a Valentine to the ribbon.

 Note: One 10.5 oz. Price Chopper Bag of mini marshmallows yields 10 – 11 half cup scoops for Hot Cocoa Cone wrapping.

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11 Comments on “Valentine Hot Cocoa Cones”

    1. THANK you!!! And fairly easy to make. We have shared these on several occasions and they are always a BIG hit!
      ~ Jodie

    1. Thank you – a fun family project too! It can easily be an assembly line of activity…
      Happy Valentine’s Day early :)!
      ~ Jodie

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