Veggie Appetizer Fun for Kids

Not wanting the kids to eat chips, dip and sweets at your upcoming gathering? Sometimes the veggie platter has to be just as fun….

Fun with Veggies by Jodie Fitz

1 oz. Price Chopper cream cheese, softened

1 tablespoon Price Chopper sour cream

1 teaspoon of dry ranch seasoning

Central Market wheat crackers, round

Large carrots


Price Chopper Raisins

Mix together the cream cheese, sour cream and ranch seasoning.  Spread a thin layer of the cream cheese onto the crackers that you will be using.  Peel the carrot and cut off the ends; follow the directions below.  Wash the celery; follow the direction below.

 Healthy Tip: Use low fat, fat free and/or organic dairy products.

 Sunshine Creation:

  1. Slice the carrot so that you have one round carrot slice and place it in the center of the cream cheese covered cracker.
  2. Cut the carrots into small, thin slices to create rays of sunshine to put around the round slice of carrot to complete the vegetable sunshine.

 Butterfly Creation:

  1. Slice the carrot so that you have two round carrot slices.
  2. Cut the round slices in half so that you have four semi-circles.
  3. Slice a thin piece of celery to serve as the center of the butterfly and place it onto the cream cheese.
  4. Place the semi circles, with the rounded part touching the celery to create four wings.
  5. Top the butterfly with a raisin head.

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