Wrapping Up Summer 2013 with a few Snapshots

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It’s time to wrap up summer 2013 and get ready for all that the fall has to offer.  It’s been a VERY busy summer and I’ve discovered that I have fallen in love with my camera whether it’s my stand alone or the camera on my phone.  I find that it allows me to slow down for just a few minutes and appreciate the little moments in life, which make up the big moments :)!  Here are some of my end of the summer snapshots…

Cpark y kidsvt y kids 2013summer 2013 gfalls y

There were smiling faces & a lot of fun at all of my community visits.  I wrapped up a fabulous summer with the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club and a mini tour with Glens Falls Pediatric Dentistry.  The kids are always GREAT, with a lot of energy and stories to share….I’m excited for all of the fall events that are scheduling right now!

August evening skysummer 2013 grilling sky shotsummer 2013 shopping sky

I don’t know if I just haven’t stopped to enjoy on a regular basis and appreciate the beauty of the sky or if this summer was unique in nature?  Regardless, I have enjoyed the summer sky snapshots of 2013; they have been both inspirational and amazing.  Here are a few more…

summer 2013 window boxsummer 2013 favorite planter

Every year I love the plants that adorn my yard.  I’ve shared other pics throughout the summer, but here are two additional peeks; these are quick snapshots of my window boxes and my favorite planter on my front steps! 

summer 2013 planes on lake summer 2013 lake view

 I actually grew up on a lake with many fond summer memories.  One of the neighbors that I grew up with flies a water plane that was his dad’s.  He hosted a summer ‘Fly-In’ a couple of weeks ago & pilots came in from all over for breakfast.  We wandered up to watch 10 mini planes & a helicopter land while soaking up the lake views with my parents; the weather was perfect! 

summer 2013 ben & jerrys 4 ice creamsback yard movie nightsummer 2013 date night w kMrs. Piggle Wiggle

Randomly, the summer was filled with activities that brought us treasured time with family & friends.  Some I’ve share already, but here are a few new ones.  What are these pictures?  A little ice cream outing that I have labeled ‘three vs one’, a backyard movie night with friends, a dinner date with my husband and time spent reading with my youngest; all priceless moments.

summer 2013 jj permit

 This is a picture of my very tall middle guy and a very big milestone!  What’s he doing?  First, he’s not realizing I was about to take this picture (lol – that a little annoying mother humor), but he’s actually getting his permit…wish me luck, I’m not really ready for this, and yes – I’m kicking and screaming just a little bit…I like to think he’ll understand when he’s a father :)…

julie at dinner Jenna at dinner IMG_0813

As part of our wrapping up summer activities, we hosted a Make Your Own Grilled Pizza Party that included a whole smorgasbord of toppings and sauces to create these pizza bites.  Three out of the four college students/grads that help me with many various tasks over the summer and throughout the year joined us for dinner.  Our whole family loves when Julie, Jenna, Matt and Brad are at our house!  Brad was still away & couldn’t join us, but we are wishing them all a fabulous year & can’t wait to see them on breaks.  And, secretly, I ‘m hoping they don’t read this post, because the only pictures I ended up taking included snapshots of them eating – oops!  Seriously, not on purpose…I swear!  

summer 2013 lunchbox photo shootsummer 2013 signs of fallsummer 2013 bonfire

 But, it’s time….signs of fall are all around us.  Last week I took fall food photos for one of my articles, one of the trees in my yard is turning orange & we celebrated the end of summer at the annual Ring of Fire with a bonfire at the lake that was surrounded by family and friends this past Labor Day weekend!  

 I am loving the memories of summer 2013 and getting ready to make new fall finds…


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    1. THANK you so much for stopping by – agreed on all levels :)! We’re looking forward to sharing our fall memories….although with school back in full swing it feels so much busier already. Hope your fall kick-off has been good ~ Jodie

    1. LOL! It was delicious & mine was the vanilla based one & turned out to be the best in the bunch :)…the other was so rich no one could finish. They ended up helping me with mine…So glad you stopped by! Hope you are having a good September… ~ jodie

    1. THANK you so much for hosting 🙂 and for stopping by – I LOVE all of the visitors. Have an awesome fall ~ jodie

  1. What wonderful events you have enjoyed this summer Jodie. Your planters are beautiful and I wish you the best with the new young driver. lol! We are so fortunate to have instant photos. I remember having to wait, for what seemed like forever to get film developed. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. THANK you – I will need a lot of the luck with my new (head strong) driver :)…It’s a whole new experience – lol! Lots of stories to tell & putting my tactical parenting into practice over here :)…..
      THANKS for swinging by…. ~ jodie

  2. You’ve had a fantastic summer – lots of fun and good food! Wonderful pictures! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

    1. THANK you Kathy – it truly has been good summer. I have been soooo sad that the kids are back in school :)….and that’s when you know it’s been a good summer – lol! Hope your start to fall is good. ~ jodie

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