Valentine Dessert = mini valentine bite fun!

cooking with kids is fun

Have you run out of time? Or, want to keep the oven off? Check out this no-bake Valentine Dessert that’s perfect for kid fun; it’s a mini bite valentine. Valentine Dessert = Mini Valentine Fun! by Jodie Fitz No Bake fun…  1 package of Price Chopper Golden Sandwich Cookies (15.5 oz.) 4 oz. Price Chopper Strawberry Soft Cream Cheese Spread, softened … Read More

Just a Little Dessert Dipping Fun for Valentine’s Day

choco-licious strawberry dip

Looking for a light dessert to serve on Valentine’s Day?  Check out this Choco-licious combination… If you follow along you know that I am all about the QUICK and the EASY when it comes to accommodating our busy schedules.  Here is an AWESOMELY delicious, but very simple dessert dip that’s perfect for your family dinner, the upcoming classroom party or … Read More

Super Bowl teams duke it out at the Counter

San Francisco 49er's specialty pizza

We’re gearing up for the Super Bowl and having a little food family fun, which of course is no surprise!  I view every activity, every holiday and every special occasion as an opportunity to introduce my children to different food combinations.  Sometimes it works and some times it doesn’t, but you never know unless you try!  Yesterday we started our … Read More

Fruit Dipping Holiday Fun

cooking with kids - strawberry and kiwi fruit pops

I love the whimsy of cooking around the holidays.  And, everything is always a little better when you can take simple foods and turn them into fanciful fun with just a few quick slices.  Here are a couple of very easy ideas for fruit dipping holiday fun that turns the ordinary into a memorable bite!  The kids will love these … Read More

Shake it Up Baby – Frozen Yogurt in a Bag!

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

I have been traveling throughout the community testing my arm strength and the cooking muscles of the kids at the tables where I’ve visited.  Together we’ve been mixing it up & shaking it up so that we could make a Strawberry-Banana Frozen Yogurt.  This activity is fun!  In fact, it’s a blend of science, educational learning through a hands-on activity … Read More

Red, White & Blue Dessert Fun for Everyone

Mini Flower Pots are a simple but scrumptious dessert that brings red, white and blue fun to the table that’s sure to delight for everyone!I love this recipe for so many reasons!  Here are my top five; 1. It’s an easy desert recipe to make. 2. It’s amazingly delicious and even non-yogurt lovers, like my husband, usually like this recipe. … Read More

Strawberried Lemonade

The heat is brewing and it’s that time of year when we’re all looking for what’s fashionable and that’s anything cool and refreshing!  My kids love the idea of a slush drink and secretly I really think that it’s the icy cold refreshment combined with the brain freeze that makes them so irresistible.  And, although we indulge once in a … Read More

Strawberries and Tortilla Dippers

Savory strawberries are always a scrumptious dessert; eaten alone or in a recipe… Tortilla Dippers by Jodie Fitz 4 Whole grain tortillas 1 tablespoon Price Chopper sugar 1 ½ teaspoons Price Chopper cinnamon 6 – 8 oz.  Price Chopper chocolate morsels Water Strawberries Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees. Mix together the sugar and cinnamon in a bowl and set aside. … Read More

Red, White & Blue Freeze Pops

As the temperatures begin to rise, so do the voices of children looking for some sort of ‘cool down’ treat.  And, Red, White & Blue Yogurt Freeze Pops are definitely on our menu to share.  With the inclusion of low fat yogurt and seasonal fresh fruits, they’re a great alternative to ice cream and popsicles.  In fact, they’re a treat the entire … Read More

Stuffed Strawberries

Stuffed Strawberries

We are sticking with the sweet savory strawberry seasonal recipes this weekend.  I’ve pulled this very simple recipe out of the recipe box and will be sharing some stuffed strawberries at the counters.  This recipe is a sweet, light dish to share that can easily be served as part of breakfast, an afternoon snack or a ‘better bite’ dessert.  They’re … Read More