Better Bites™ is a hands-on, innovative, 30-day program inspiring children everywhere to eat their fruits & veggies.  Join Recipe Girl™ and Teeny the Tiny Taste Tester™ as they take food adventures with their food & kitchen pals inspiring children, families and communities take Better Bites™.

The Better Bites Program will be offered to:

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What does the classroom curriculum include?

Four weeks of Better Bites, Better Sips & Better Steps with Recipe Girl, Teeny the Tiny Taste Tester and their friends.  

Here's a peek at some program material inclussions:


  • Two fruits and two veggies lesson plans complete with fun characters the kids will relate to.
  • EASY in class activities.
  • Take home materials.
  • Classroom materials that include posters, characters, charts, completion certificates, etc.
  • Complete teacher’s guide.
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At Home/Families

Sign up here for the Better Bites family newsletter!  Healthy living is essential and we want to continue healthy discussions at your home.

Every month we will email you:

  • Character updates and releases.
  • Healthy recipes to make for and with the kiddos.
  • Monthly charts for Better Bites, Better Sips & Better Steps at home.
  • Access to email Teeny with response messages.
  • Information on new products, etc.

An easy 'how-to' guide complete with fun ideas all designed to encourage a healthy lifestyle while making memories together will be sent to you.

You also receive access to email Teeny and Recipe girl with your children so they can tell them what their tasting & how they like the recipes.


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Grocery Retailers

Better Bites™ has been designed to be a full-circle experience that includes the school community, the home and local retailers. 

While the program can be fully accessed and take place in each location individually, the collective experience gains strength to one's over all longterm wellness.

 If you are a retailer and are interested in learning how your schools and the households in your community can benefit from your participation, click the button below.  Send us an email and we will contact you directly to fill you in on all of the great opportunities that exist at the Better Bites™ program.

We look forward to hearing from you...


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