Red, White & Blue Fruit Filled Patriotic Breakfast Pizza

Red White and Blue Fruit Breakfast Pizza

As we get ready to celebrate America’s birthday, check out this Star Spangled Breakfast Pizza the whole family will love. The kids can decorate their own pizzas & have fun serving up a little red, white & blue yum! Star Spangled Breakfast Yum by Jodie Fitz Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Stir the coconut sugar & cinnamon together. Place … Read More

Start the Day with this Chocolate Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

chocolate waffle Breakfast Sandwich

We are back to busy schedules after the holiday & boy does getting back into the swing of things hit hard (lol)! Breakfast, as most mealtimes, are like a juggling act with school, kids & work in the mix. We have our granola, yogurt, fruit & bar fallbacks, but I often look to items I can have in the freezer … Read More

Bananas & Peanut Butter in a Parfait are a winner

Peanut Butter & Banana Parfait

More easy breakfast bites & snacks are on the brain this week…come to think of it, they are in the thought process every week. Once a mom, meal planning becomes a required skill, right? However, I can’t say that I have always found meal planning easy or enjoyable ~ haha. It’s a task that I choose to make as fun … Read More

Fresh Apples in this Peanut Butter Combo

apples and peanut butter combo

This recipe is not just for the kids!  I LOVE this combo…YUP, it’s one of my fall favorites.  I created it years ago to swap out the jelly in my kid’s lunch box, but I discovered along the way that it’s one of my lunch favorites.  Heck, truth be told…not that it’s any huge revelation or juicy truth to share, … Read More

Keep it Easy, but Tasty with Berry-licious Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast made Easy with Breakfast Tacos

Over the years I found that breakfast can get boring & challenging to find new tasty bites to take with us out the door. We are always looking for the right combination of yum, easy & a little bit healthier! One of our combos = Berry-licious Breakfast Tacos. I love that you can get this berry-licious & nutritious bite all … Read More

Start the Day with a bite of Breakfast Pizza

FlatOut Flatbread Breakfast Pizza

Looking for something new for your crew to eat for breakfast? Look no further! Check out this FlatOut Flatbread Breakfast Pizza! It’s DELISH on a dish; something the entire family will enjoy. Below I’ve included my thoughts on how to make breakfast ahead of time so that you can stay on track during those busy early mornings…. And, if you … Read More

Kids in the Kitchen Making Belgian Waffles a Better Bite

Kids in the Kitchen Making Belgian Waffles a Better Bite

Looking to grab the kids & get into the kitchen this summer? I’ve got you covered at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club! We have a bunch of recipes we’ve created over the years that include everything from developing skills to encouraging taste testing & experimentation. This month we have the kids in the kitchen making Belgium waffles a better … Read More

Celebrate Strawberry Season with a Strawberry Roll-up

I have been working on an e-book with FlatOut® Breads & am so excited that we are finally ready to share all of the great recipes we have created. It’s Strawberry Season, so it’s perfect time to celebrate this luscious fruit with a Strawberry Roll-up Recipe. This recipe is sinfully simple making breakfast, snack or entertaining perfectly EASY, but deliciously … Read More

Kids in the Kitchen making Breakfast Quesadillas for Father’s Day

Annabelle joined me at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club Studio to help make a Breakfast Quesadilla to serve. This breakfast is great any time of the year & provides a lot of opportunities for kids to learn about eggs, stovetop safety and quesadilla making yum. But, it also makes a great breakfast to share with dad on Father’s Day … Read More