Candy Corn Cupcakes

Here is a simple and easy quick fix recipe.  It not only looks festive and fun, but it tastes great too.  These cupcakes are certain to be a hit at the classroom party! Candy Corn Cupcakes by Jodie Fitz  1 box Price Chopper white cake mix 1 cup flour Yellow food coloring Orange food coloring Price Chopper Vanilla frosting Candy Corn … Read More

May the Force be with You (or in the kitchen)…

I happened to find this spatula  while shopping at a Williams-Sonoma for $12 and fell in love with it.  I knew it would be an instant hit with my boys.  But, who am I kidding?  I love it just as much as they do.  It not only reminds me of their love for Star Wars in their youth…it reminds me of … Read More

Welcome to My Experimental Kitchen ™

 My kitchen is a revolving door of activity!  Not only is it the room where we eat our meals, over the years it has become the meeting place, a science lab of sorts, a taste testing factory, a source of educational experiences all of it leading to the reason I refer to it as MY EXPERIMENTAL KITCHEN ™.  When we … Read More

Tomato-Pesto Ravioli Mix

This week Pede Ravioli’s is on sale (Buy 1, Get 1).  I had grabbed two bags to stock my freezer, because they are ALWAYS good for a quick back up, last minute, YIKES we have to eat kind of meal.  How do we like to eat frozen ravioli’s?  Cooked of course!  But how do I cook them? Here is one of my kids … Read More

Browning Apples in the Lunch Box? Not!

Have you been apple picking yet?  We apple pick at least once every year and this year we did our first pick on Farm Fest Weekend, which always makes for a busy kind of time.  The farm we went to, trying to avoid the large crowds, didn’t have a wide variety so I’m hoping to get back for one more apple picking … Read More

So Much for Organized!

   Last year, after 14 years of having a child in school I grew tired of the continuous pile of papers that apparently breed overnight when I am sleeping and quadruple in size on what feels like a weekly, sometimes daily basis.   So, I decided to take charge and gain control over the out of control pile of papers.  I … Read More

Stomp Out Bullying!

 I’m not posting a recipe today.  Instead I have decided to help bring awareness to one cause that is near and dear to my heart; bullying.  Today is National Blue Shirt Day.  National Blue Shirt Day was designed and organized by Stomp Out Bullying and you can click through to to learn more about the organization and their efforts.  I was thrilled to learn … Read More

Filming for November’s Release

I’m looking forward to sharing November’s Thanksgiving Table that we created at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club.  As always, so much fun cooking with three kids who have signed up for the club 🙂

Turkey Enchiladas

It’s Dinner time!  And, I’m posting this recipe during a week that ground turkey is on sale (wahoo to a little savings).  I love this recipe for many reasons; 1.  You can make the meat ahead of time so that cooking a hot meal is a little quicker on a busy night. 2.  My kids don’t like tomatoes and spinach alone, but in … Read More

The Choco-Monkey Smoothie Recipe (yum, yum, yum….)

  I can’t help myself!  I, with right hand raised, do admit that I am a smoothie-holic!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE smoothies…I love them for breakfast, lunch & after school snacks and if I weren’t a mother of three trying to teach my children the importance of balanced nutrition, I would drink them for dinner too!  Yes, we serve up … Read More