Good Old Fashioned Fun…

A couple of weekends ago, when the weather was FANTASTIC, we did this very last minute call to a few friends and had a throw together mini Fall Fest.  We kept it simple and it turned out to be a blast… I grabbed pumpkins for $1.25…can’t beat the price….and set up a pumpkin painting table with paints and brushes I’ve collected over the … Read More

Thanks Stillwater for the Invite!

  I had a great time last week meeting up with over 500 students at Stillwater Elementary.  We made a healthier dessert trade out for lunches and found a ‘thumbs up’ recipe to get kids eating a whole banana instead of a cookie or whatever sweet treat they might be packing in the lunchbox.  Long day, but a ton of … Read More

Price Chopper’s Healthy U Event in Shrewsbury, MA

I was in Shrewsbury, MA to be a part of Price Chopper’s Healthy U Event.  I was serving up my Creamy Orange Dip recipe with Cinnamoned Apples for customers and promoting the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club.  I was excited to meet quite a few people who knew about the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club already as well as meet up … Read More

Joining the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club Team!

A special Welcome to Cabot Cheese who has officially come on board as a sponsor of the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club Program.  I’m excited they will be supporting our efforts and helping to continue the taste testing fun as I travel to communities making recipes with kids & encouraging them to experiment with recipes and foods.  

MVP Generation Go is a Go….

A few weeks ago I had announced that I would be expanding my community outreach and will now be working with the MVP Generation Go program as well as continuing my fun with the Price  Chopper Kids Cooking Club.  I’m so excited that it’s finally time to launch the activities we’ve been planning and start sharing. In getting started, I will be … Read More

My Gourd-eous Find!

I was making one of my fall visits to a farm near us to grab my gourds, pumpkins and cornstalks when I saw this particular one (the green spotted gourd in the picture to the left) and added it to my pile.   The owner let me in on a little secret…apparently these oddly shaped, green spotted gourds have quite the shelf life.  You simply … Read More

Edible Bug Guts!

I LOVE this picture!  It shows just how good bug guts can be.  Have you ever eaten bug guts?  Well, I’ve never eaten the real thing, nor has this little one (at least as far as I know), but we’ve both made & eaten my bug gut recipe that is perfect for Halloween fun… Simply add a few creepy little plastic bugs … Read More

Fall Finds at Our Home

It has finally stopped raining long enough for me to snap a few shots from outside of Our Homestead or what I also refer to as Concevoir.  In French, concevoir means to envision, dream, form…it’s reminds me of the magical moments (gifts from God) that took place while we were building our home. As I was taking the pictures this morning I realized that I think … Read More

Welcome to Everything Kids!

Like most mother’s, my life has revolved around my children for the past 19 years.  In fact, when I was a teenager and living those ‘my mother doesn’t know anything’ years, she used to say ‘once a mother, always a mother‘ and now I know exactly what she means. Parenting has had it’s roller coaster ride of highs and lows (and … Read More

Halfmoon Fall Festival 2011

I always love being out in the community sharing flavorful recipes and having fun meeting so many people.  I was honored to have been invited back to the 2011 Halfmoon Celebration Fall Festival.  Unfortunately for the organizers it was rainy and cold this year, but they gray, wet skies didn’t damper the spirits of those who did come out for the festivities. At my old … Read More