Meringue Nests for Dessert

Brown sugar meringue desserts both topped with whipped cream, one with chocolate eggs and one with fresh frozen, thawed fruit on top ready to be served on a platter

Meringue Nests are a delicious dessert.  This recipe can easily be altered with topping and served for Passover and Easter celebrations.  This recipe is fairly easy and can be made ahead of gatherings. Meringue Nests for Dessert Brown Sugar Meringue Nests are one of my favorite Spring recipes! They are not as difficult as they sound and they really don’t … Read More

Easter Dirt Recipe is No Bake Dessert Yum

Four bowls of easter dirt on a tray filled with easter grass

This Easter Dirt Recipe is deliciously easy.  It’s a triple layer of no bake chocolate that’s served in a mini bite.   Easter Dirt Recipe is No Bake Dessert Yum I love this Easter Dirt Recipe!  It’s so easy to make and filled with no bake yum fun.  My family loves a good dirt recipe and this is my version with … Read More

Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe

Red velvet cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting on an ivory plate with a bite taken out of it

Red velvet cupcakes are beautiful and delicious.  This Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe is easy to make and reduces the red food dye.  It’s a delicious and easy dessert recipe that even the kids will love. Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe This is one of my daughter’s favorite homemade cupcakes. In fact, I often delivered them to her school when she was … Read More

Strawberries and Lemonade Fruit Dip

Strawberries on a stick with fruit dip

Strawberries and lemonade fruit dip are a fun way to serve fruit.  This is great for birthday parties, Valentine’s celebrations, spring gatherings or just for fun.  This is a creative, memorable way to serve fruit and dip. Strawberries and Lemonade Fruit Dip I love playing with my food and the holidays always provides the perfect opportunity for us to get … Read More

Chocolate Whip Dip with Strawberries

Fresh strawberries served with a bowl of milk chocolate whipped dip and a white chocolate whipped dip

Chocolate Whip Dip is easy to make.  This fruit dip recipe is delicious with fresh strawberries.  This dessert is delicious for Valentine’s celebrations, classroom parties or any other entertaining and special occasion activities. Chocolate Whip Dip with Strawberries Looking for a light dessert to serve on Valentine’s Day?  Check out this my chocolate whip dip served with Fresh Strawberries! If … Read More

Bite-Sized Yogurt Parfait Turned into a Mini Flower Dessert

Bite Sized Fruit yogurt Parfait on a plate topped with strawberries and blueberries

A yogurt parfait recipe sure to delight!  This fruit and yogurt combo has been turned into a mini flower pot!  It’s the perfect bite sized parfait that’s a healthy dessert option.  These mini flower pots are perfect for classroom parties, holidays, showers or to fill the need for a little sweet bite. Mini Flower Pots are the Perfect Bite Sized … Read More

Fruit Flowers to Make with Kids

Fruit flowers made out of strawberries as the base with a pineapple flowers with a blueberry center

Fruit flowers are fun to make with kids.  They are a fun way to craft with food and eat more fruit.  They are a delicious dessert alternative. Fruit Flowers to Make with Kids Looking for a fun dessert to make with the kids? Check out these super cute Fruity Flower Pots. They’re made of strawberries, pineapple and blueberries with just … Read More

Homemade Oreo Freeze Pop Recipe

Three vanilla based freeze pops with Oreo cooke and rainbow sprinkle center resting on a tray

Homemade Oreo freeze pop recipes are an easy no bake treat. These freeze pops are delicious, fun and made with Greek yogurt.  The kids will love making these popsicles. Homemade Oreo Freeze Pop Recipe Removing the Cup:  To remove the cup simply clip an edge of the paper cup and peel the paper cup away from the freeze pop.  Do … Read More

Basic Vanilla Buttercream Frosting Recipe

Vanilla buttercream frosting whipping in a kitchen aide electric mixer

Buttercream frosting is delicious and easy to make.  This four ingredient recipe takes minutes to whip together.  This buttercream frosting recipe is great on cookies, brownies and/or cupcakes. Basic Vanilla Buttercream Frosting Recipe Buttercream frosting  is definitely not a hard recipe to make, but it’s definitely a yummy recipe to add to your mix.  It’s amazing how four simple ingredients … Read More

Strawberry Ladybugs Make a Healthy Kid Snack

A blue and white patterned plate with two lady bugs made out of strawberries, mini chocolate chips, blueberries and wafer cookies

Strawberry ladybugs are such a fun snack and/or treat.  They’re a great way to add in fruit, craft with food and make memories together.  Strawberry ladybugs are a great dessert alternative. Strawberry Ladybugs make a Healthy Kid Snack Strawberry ladybugs are a fanciful snack or dessert alternative that’s sure to delight! This super easy recipe provides the opportunity to allow … Read More