Maple Ice cream topped with Blueberries is Scrumptiously Easy

Maple Ice Cream topped with Blueberries

YUM! This Maple Ice Cream Recipe is easy to make and absolutely delightful to serve. It’s NO BAKE & NO CHURN; you know how I love recipes that are scrumptious, but save time in the kitchen. I’ve included all of the ‘how-to’s’ in making an edible bowl for some scrumptious dessert serving fun. The phyllo dough bowl adds just the right … Read More

Chocolate Stuffed Strawberries for your Valentine’s Day

chocolate stuffed strawberries

We stayed focused on the classroom party at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club with our second recipe share this month & Bella joined me to take stuffed strawberries to a whole new level. With the right filling, some Chinese Noodles, mini marshmallows & a few other delicious additions, we turned them into adorable Valentine’s critters to share as this … Read More

Ladybug Bites make Recipe Making Fun with Kids and Easy

ladybug strawberries

These snacks are sure to delight! They are totally fun for the kids to make and allow you to combine craft time with food creativity. You can pull the supplies out at the counters or the picnic for a delicious afternoon snack the kids will love making. Ladybug Fruit Snacks by Jodie Fitz Wash the strawberries & blueberries. Pat them … Read More

Mini Cheesecake Trifles for an easy Spring Dessert

Angelina joined me at the counters so that we could make a DELICIOUS Mini Cheesecake Trifle Dessert that’s quick & easy. In fact, you can have this dessert ready in 15-20 minutes, which makes it a great serve any time this spring or summer. I love that you can make this in a large trifle bowl or in individual serving … Read More

Easy No-bake Triple Layered Chocolate Dessert in a Mini Bite

  We are wrapping up our Easter festivities at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club this month with a little dessert.  Rowan joined me to help make Mini Easter Dirt Cups complete with a candy carrot to top them off. We love this no-bake dessert option that’s a triple layer of chocolate, but just the right size after a big meal. … Read More

Kids in the Kitchen Mixing Up Apple Pie Ice Cream

Lucy and I made a delicious Apple Pie Ice Cream to serve for Thanksgiving Dessert. But first, we baked up a simple, edible serving dish out of filo dough, which adds just the right texture of crunch to our final product. We then whipped up all of the ingredients for our ice cream, popped it in the freezer & then … Read More

Hole in One Cupcakes are Deliciously Easy to Bake

At the end of our time in the kitchen studio, Matthew stepped up to the counter to wrap up our Father’s Day fun by helping to make a ‘Hole in One’ Cupcake to share. These cupcakes are deliciously stuffed with yummy goodness & topped off with a special note for each ‘one of a kind’ dad! You can check out … Read More