Carrot Cake Donut Holes or Bunny Tails

Green bowl with powdered donut holes and a plate with plain donut holes

Carrot Cake Donut Holes make cute bunny tails for Easter breakfast fun.  Donut Holes are a great recipe to encourage kid baking activities.  This is a recipe the whole family will enjoy. Carrot Cake Donut Holes or Bunny Tails Things are really hopping a long and we are excited to be in the kitchen getting ready for Easter activities. We … Read More

Speckled Easter Eggs with Homemade Rice Shakers

Speckled easter eggs in a bowl filled with easter grass surrounded by smaller bowls of dyed water and colored rice

Speckled Easter Eggs are fun to make with homemade rice shakers.  These finished Easter eggs are colorful.  Making speckled Easter eggs is a great way to bring the family together. Speckled Easter Eggs with Homemade Rice Shakers Speckled Easter Eggs are one colorful way to decorate eggs at Easter. What will you need to create these fun beauties? hard boiled … Read More

Peep Popping Easter Cupcakes

Three Cupcakes in colorful spring liners with colored frosting and coordinating marshmallow peeps on top

Peep Popping Easter Cupcakes are a whole lot of easy baking fun.  This Easter dessert recipe is deliciously filled with family fun.  These Easter cupcakes are easy and colorful to assemble . Peep Popping Easter Cupcakes Cupcakes can be so fun!  A plain cupcake, while sweet and scrumptious as is, lends itself for a whole lot of creative liberty.  These … Read More

Easter Dirt Recipe is No Bake Dessert Yum

Four bowls of easter dirt on a tray filled with easter grass

This Easter Dirt Recipe is deliciously easy.  It’s a triple layer of no bake chocolate that’s served in a mini bite.   Easter Dirt Recipe is No Bake Dessert Yum I love this Easter Dirt Recipe!  It’s so easy to make and filled with no bake yum fun.  My family loves a good dirt recipe and this is my version with … Read More

Free Valentine’s Printable

A Valentine themed tic tac toe game being played with red and pink wrapped chocolate Hershey kisses

Are you still looking for a fun Valentine’s idea to share?  Check out this free Valentine’s Printable! There’s a game, a treat and a bit of fun all wrapped up into one.  The directions for play are all included on the printable and the person who is receiving the Valentine can take it home to play with a parent or … Read More

Heart Shaped Homemade Pizza Pockets

Three heart shaped pizza pockets on a pink plate surrounded by a pink cookie cutter, a bowl of sauce, a bowl of shredded mozzarella cheese and a bowl of mini turkey pepperoni's

Heart Shaped Homemade Pizza Pockets are easy and delicious.  These are not only festive but make dinnertime fun.  This recipe is perfect for pizza night activities. Heart Shaped Homemade Pizza Pockets Any weekly pizza night can be transformed into total food yum with a homemade pizza pocket.  Pizza pockets are fun to eat and easy to make! You can make … Read More

Strawberries and Lemonade Fruit Dip

Strawberries on a stick with fruit dip

Strawberries and lemonade fruit dip are a fun way to serve fruit.  This is great for birthday parties, Valentine’s celebrations, spring gatherings or just for fun.  This is a creative, memorable way to serve fruit and dip. Strawberries and Lemonade Fruit Dip I love playing with my food and the holidays always provides the perfect opportunity for us to get … Read More

Heart Shaped Watermelon Fruit Kabobs

A plate with three fruit kabobs made with heart shaped watermelon pieces, raspberries and blueberries

Heart Shaped watermelon fruit kabobs make a healthy Valentine’s treat.  This healthy kid snack is great for classroom parties, playdates and after school snacks.  Fruit kabobs are a perfect healthy dessert alternative. Heart Shaped Watermelon Fruit Kabobs Last year we made these Watermelon Heart Shaped Valentine’s Fruit Kabobs for my daughter’s classroom party on Valentine’s Day and they were a … Read More

Fruit Punch Recipe made with Fresh Fruit

A glass of homemade fruit punch next to a container of colorful paper straws and a bowl of fresh fruit

Homemade fruit punch made with fresh fruit is refreshing and delicious.  This punch recipe is perfect for parties and celebrations.  This fizzy punch is kid tested and kid approved for family fun. Fruit Punch Recipe made with Fresh Fruit This fruit punch recipe is yum, yum good!  This has a little bit of fizz to the mix and although I … Read More

Chocolate Whip Dip with Strawberries

Fresh strawberries served with a bowl of milk chocolate whipped dip and a white chocolate whipped dip

Chocolate Whip Dip is easy to make.  This fruit dip recipe is delicious with fresh strawberries.  This dessert is delicious for Valentine’s celebrations, classroom parties or any other entertaining and special occasion activities. Chocolate Whip Dip with Strawberries Looking for a light dessert to serve on Valentine’s Day?  Check out this my chocolate whip dip served with Fresh Strawberries! If … Read More