Build an Easy Fruit Tree Forest for the Holidays

Fruit Tree Forest and Snow Dip

David joined me in the kitchen so that we could build a Fruit Tree Forest to serve at the party whether it is in the classroom or home.   We also whipped and folded together a few key ingredients to make a Snow Cap Dip. This recipe is so simple, but festively tasty. Watch David’s video to see how easy this … Read More

Eggnog Waffles for Breakfast

The holidays are here and we are ready to celebrate at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club with three new tasty recipes to share. Dane started us off in the kitchen by helping to whip up some Eggnog Waffles for a festively delicious breakfast. We eliminated the syrup at the end of the day so that it didn’t compete in … Read More

Thanksgiving Leftovers turned into Turkey Roll Ups for the Kids

Thanksgiving leftovers

Taylor stepped up to the counters to help me use up the Thanksgiving leftovers by helping me make Turkey Roll Ups for lunch munch fun.  Turkey Roll Ups are easy, festive & the perfect way to use up thanksgiving leftovers with the kids all weekend long! Watch Taylor as she mixes, spreads & rolls her way into turkey making production and … Read More

Kids in the Kitchen Mixing Up Apple Pie Ice Cream

Lucy and I made a delicious Apple Pie Ice Cream to serve for Thanksgiving Dessert. But first, we baked up a simple, edible serving dish out of filo dough, which adds just the right texture of crunch to our final product. We then whipped up all of the ingredients for our ice cream, popped it in the freezer & then … Read More

Kids in the Kitchen with Hummus & Pita Chip Teepees

hummus and pita chip teepees

Ava helped me pull out the mini chopper and mix up some homemade Hummus and Teepee Pita Chips to share as an appetizer with our Thanksgiving guests. This recipe is so easy that it’s great for after school snacking fun throughout the entire month of November. Watch Ava as she mixes up this recipe & then grab all of the … Read More

Creepy Crawly Brownie Bites turns a Basic Box Mix into Fabulous Fun

Angie joined me to make our holiday sweet snack this month. Together we made Creepy Halloween Brownie Bites. After baking our individual sized brownies, we turned them into brownie bowls, filled them with a surprise & topped them with some gummy worms. Check out the recipe & watch Angie’s adorable video. Creepy Brownie Bites by Jodie Fitz 1 milk chocolate … Read More

Hole in One Cupcakes are Deliciously Easy to Bake

At the end of our time in the kitchen studio, Matthew stepped up to the counter to wrap up our Father’s Day fun by helping to make a ‘Hole in One’ Cupcake to share. These cupcakes are deliciously stuffed with yummy goodness & topped off with a special note for each ‘one of a kind’ dad! You can check out … Read More

Easy Cinnamon Stick Recipe for Father’s Day Breakfast

easy cinnamon sticks for Father's Day

We had so much fun this past month getting ready for Father’s Day at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club kitchen. Sydney helped me start dad’s morning out by helping me to sprinkle, roll & bake this Quick & Easy Cinnamon Stick Recipe for breakfast that we twisted & shaped into letters to spell ‘DAD’. The entire family will enjoy creating & … Read More

Blend a Little Halloween Fun and Serve Witches Brew

witches brew

Is your crew thirsty for Halloween fun?  If the answer is yes, then serve them a little Witches Brew.  Mwah ha ha ha! They will never guess what the bewitched ingredient is in witches brew.  So I say, blend it up, let them guess and surprise away… What is the bewitched ingredient you ask? Why darling, it’s Spinach!   Spinach is … Read More

Mini Candy Apple Bites

Mini Candy Apple Bites

I love looking at the beautifully decorated candy apples that make their debut this time of year?  We used to buy a candy apple once in a while.  Each child would pick out their own, one or two bites would be taken & out they would be thrown a day or two later because no one could finish them.  Later, … Read More