Salad Stuffed Cyclops are perfect Family Fun Halloween Food

salad cyclops fun Halloween snack

Do you love Halloween? Do you love festive looking food? I do!  And, that is why I created Salad Stuffed Cyclops. One of the things I’ve spent my career doing, is finding creative ways to get kids taste testing and eating all kinds of veggies.  Sometimes we play with our food and sometimes I’m the ‘queen of sneak and tell’.  … Read More

Salad Sailboats are a Yummy way to get Kids Eating Veggies

salad sailboats

  Emily stepped up to the counters this month at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club & helped me to give salad a whole new seasonal bite.  Together we made Salad Sailboats. Not only was this a great way to set sail to eating veggies, it was like crafting with our food making our time in the kitchen creatively tasty. You … Read More

Lava Ashed Potatoes

lava ashed potatoes

If you didn’t see our post on the Volcanoes served for dinner to go along with our ‘Dinner & the Dinosaur Spectacular’ this week you can check it out by clicking right here.  Here’s our side dish – Lava Ashed Potatoes! Lava Ash Potatoes by Jodie Fitz 4 long white potatoes 1/2 cup light olive oil 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon … Read More