Decorating Easter Eggs with Homemade Rice Shakers

  Things are really hopping at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club, as we get ready to share  quick & easy Easter recipes for you to try at home starting with decorating Easter Eggs. Micah joined me at the counters to experiment with this year’s Egg Decorating! Together we dyed the eggs with a solid color & then added food coloring … Read More

Kids Fun 101: Homemade Hula Hoops turns into Olympic Fun!

Homemade hula hoops are great to make. In fact, they can easily be turned into backyard olympic fun; I can’t believe the Olympics have already been going in full force for almost one week.  I always consider the two week period of the Olympics a great time to promote being ACTIVE!  It’s funny, as much as we are sitting and … Read More

Once a Year I Eat with my Kids Hands and a Foot

handprint turkey platter

 This is one of my favorite platters that we’ve made.  I absolutely LOVE anything that has captured my kids hands and foot prints…well, I guess I mean with in reason, because I don’t’ love capturing them on my walls and windows…or foot prints over a newly washed floor, but on something I can treasure like this platter…I’m in! You can … Read More