Homemade Guacamole Recipe with Flatbread Chips

Homemade Guacamole with tomatoes and cilantro served with homemade, whole grain baked flatbread chips for dipping.

Homemade guacamole recipe and flatbread chips are easy and delicious.  This easy combo makes a great snack and/or a healthy appetizer.  Homemade guacamole Recipe with Flatbread Chips Is Cinco de Mayo complete without guacamole?  I don’t think so! Looking for some better bites? Check out our guacamole recipe that we like to serve with homemade flatbread chips. Our favorite part … Read More

Caprese Snack Bites

Mozzarella cut into heart shapes with a tomato in the center and a toothpick through the center to hold it together

Caprese snack bites are a festive, no bake snack option.  These healthy snacks make a great Valentine alternative.  These are kid approved and fun to eat. Caprese Snack Bites Hello easy and delicious!  Caprese is sometimes a staple at our home; we love it!  And, it can be served many ways.  This is just a fresh twist on an oldie, but … Read More

Taco Tower Seven Layered Dip

Taco Tower layered dip with refried beans, homemade guacamole, seasoned sour cream, finely chopped onions, chopped olives, fresh chopped tomatoes and shredded cheese

This seven layered dip is my family’s favorite game day food.  It’s perfect for any super bowl menu.  It’s easy to make and a crowd pleaser. Taco Tower Seven Layered Dip Looking for some Game Day recipes to try? Check out my very own, forever team’s ultimate favorite; A.K.A the fam!  It’s Taco Tower with seven layers.  The dip layers … Read More

Homemade Shamrock Chips & Tomato Salsa

Homemade Spinach Chips in the shape of shamrocks on a white plate with an heirloom tomato salsa in a green bowl

Homemade shamrock chips served with a tomato salsa are a healthy St. Patrick’s Day Snack.  This recipe is an easy snack to make.  It’s festive, fun and kid-friendly.  Homemade Shamrock Chips & Tomato Salsa Homemade Shamrock Chips with this Lucky Salsa recipe make for a festively delicious St. Patrick’s Day snack. Simply grab the FlatOut® Garden Spinach flatbreads in the … Read More

Pulled BBQ Chicken Sliders

Two sliders built on mini brioche buns with pulled BBQ chicken topped with Cole slaw on a blue plate

Pulled BBQ Chicken Sliders are delicious and easy to make.  This Instant Pot Recipe is perfect for dinner, gatherings and game day festivities.  It’s a crowd pleasing recipe. Pulled BBQ Chicken Sliders Pulled BBQ Chicken has been a recipe I’ve made for many, many years.  It makes a delicious sandwich, but my favorite serve is in the form of a … Read More

Taco Bites are Easy Dinner Fun

Taco bites topped with shredded cheese arranged on a baking sheet

Taco Bites are an easy and delicious bite.  Taco bites are easy to make.  They can be served as a kid-friendly dinner or an easy appetizer for any gathering. Taco Bites are Easy Dinner Fun I have been serving this taco meat recipe since my boys, now much taller than their mom, were little.  It’s actually a recipe I talk … Read More

Easy Pumpkin Hummus Recipe

Pumpkin Humus in a white bowl with pepitas and chia seeds sprinkled around the edge served with pita chips on a platter

Try this Easy Pumpkin Hummus Recipe for a healthy snack.  It’s great for after school or lunchbox yum.  It’s perfect for a Thanksgiving appetizer. Easy Pumpkin Hummus Recipe Have you tried pumpkin hummus yet?  You have to try this easy pumpkin hummus recipe it’s delicious.  It’s not overpowering with pumpkin and a great way to add in all of the … Read More

Homemade Halloween Tortilla Chips and Salsa

Homemade spinach chips in the shape of witches hat served with a homemade orange salsa with a heirloom tomato and orange bell pepper base served in a Halloween dish

Homemade Halloween Tortilla Chips are easy to make.  They go perfect with my heirloom tomato pico de gallo salsa.  This recipe is festive healthy food fun. Homemade Halloween Tortilla Chips and Salsa Homemade Halloween Tortilla Chips in the shape of witches hats is paired perfectly with my heirloom tomato pico de gallo salsa.  I used orange heirloom tomatoes, and an … Read More

Homemade Cauliflower Nuggets

Cauliflower Nuggets arranged on a green plate alongside a small bowl of dipping sauce.

Homemade Cauliflower Nuggets are absolutely scrumptious!  They taste GREAT and can be served as a snack, appetizer or side dish.  They are kid-tested and kid-approved. Homemade Cauliflower Nuggets Have you been wanting to try homemade cauliflower nuggets?  Check out this easy to make, I mean bake, recipe that the entire family will love!  We actually like these crispy bites served … Read More