A Quinoa Salad Combo to Warm your Heart

quinoa nut salad

Do you like salad? I do!  I L-O-V-E  different salad combos.  And, I like to make them in BIG BOWLS so that I can pick off of it for several days.  Here is my latest salad crush.  It’s a quinoa nut combo that is scrumptiously delicious and filled with layers of hearty goodness making it perfect for these cold winter … Read More

Mouthwatering Colorful Corn & Bean Veggie Salad Combo

I have been starting to share some of my favorite salad combos at the site!  I always make one H-U-G-E bowl of salad once a week for us to eat off of.  We eat it as a side dish (sometimes a main dish) and we L-O-V-E leftovers for lunches.  It’s really all about what’s in the mix & the layers … Read More

Quick and Easy Pan Seared Salmon topped with Corn Salsa Salad Deliciously Served on Seasoned Quinoa

pan seared salmon

What’s one of your emergency fall back dinners?  We all have them!  Sometimes my emergency dinner is as simple as a fried egg sandwich.  Sometimes it’s another kind of ‘brinner’ mix. It could be an easy pasta dish….or, it could include a pone call asking the hubs to pick something up on the way home (lol, but truthful lol)!  When … Read More

Skillet Burritos Make an Easy Dinner Serve for the Family

skillet burritos

Looking for a delicious dinner dish to try in your menu planning? Do you like burritos?  Check out my skillet burritos.  We have many burrito flavors we enjoy, but this combination includes chicken and chorizo, which makes a smokey, savory blend of flavor. In order to make this a quick and easy weekday serve, you will have to plan ahead. … Read More

Sweet Potato Quinoa Burgers Are A Perfect Leftover Repurpose

Sweet Potato Quinoa Burger

I can’t wait to share my new Sweet Potato Quinoa Burger recipe with you all.  It’s sooooo yummy; if you like sweet potatoes. We have been doing two things at my household;  Working on eliminating wastefulness. Increasing our whole food intake. We had two whole baked sweet potatoes in the fridge leftover from one dinner that needed to be eaten, … Read More

Zucchini stuffed with Turkey Sausage & Grilled Vegetables for a Family Dinner

stuffed zucchini baked

This summer, with our son graduating, there was no room in the schedule for a garden; boo.  I protested!  And, my husband said (very nicely)….’you have no time to plant & maintain a garden…’  At the end of the day, although I hate to admit it, he was absolutely right.  Prepping the yard after the hard winter for our guests took … Read More